Our economic future is uncertain and many have lost their jobs. It appears that many male-dominated professions have taken the hardest hits; construction and development, managerial positions, IT, and much more. Business which were once booming have either closed their doors or downsized to simply the owner and maybe his children. Sudden unemployment for primary breadwinners can be earth shattering. Security, stability, and safety nets are gone. Basic necessities become uncertain, and depression can set in.

What can you do?

  • Faith can see a person through the most challenging times. Faith that there is a plan for your life, can help a person to see through the dreariness of the present moment.
  • Connecting with support groups. Connecting with other’s who were facing similar situations can be comforting. Groups help through networking, connection and support.
  • Perseverance plays a role. In today’s economy, having a steady 9-5 job with benefits is not necessarily reality anymore. We need to think outside the box. Independent Contracting or being one’s own boss can seem a little scary, but at the same time, extremely liberating. My husband and I both turned to independent contracting when he was let go from his engineering position. It’s been almost two years now, and everything has turned out well. Sure, it’s a little nerve wracking at first wondering “What are we going to do?” “What about insurance?” “What about stability?” “Taxes?” But once you see all of your myriad of options, the world can be your oyster! Loosing one’s job does not have to mean a death knell or deep, dark depression. The way to avoid depression is through Faith, Connecting with others, and perseverance.

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