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About Julie Russell

Julie Russell, MS, PLMHC specializes in children, adolescents, adult females, couples therapy, sports counseling, anxiety and depression, and transition/adjustment issues. The majority of her clients are struggling with relationship and transition issues, such as birth, separation, death, geographic move, developmental stage growth, school-work related challenges, spiritual questioning, injury, etc. She has special expertise with physical and emotional challenges, such as spinal cord injury, pain, and MS. Julie has worked with athletes of all levels to find a “balance” in their lives that incorporates their future goals, along with the current demands in their lives. Athletes and talented and gifted individuals often have additional pressures and obligations than the general public. This pressure can be exacerbated due to being in the spotlight locally in their schools, their hometown, nationally, and globally. The use of social media and technology has changed the world of athletes and those with special talents and gifts as well, both in positive and challenging ways. Julie works to help the athlete find their sweet spot for achieving while utilizing healthy coping strategies and transferable skills. She has vast knowledge on how anxiety and depression may manifest throughout the life span, such as self-injurious behaviors, obsessions and compulsions, and relationship challenges. She counsels with an interactive, eclectic, non-judgmental approach. She has helped her clients experience successful outcomes while using best practices such as: Solution-Focused/Brief Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies, and Play Therapy. Julie utilizes empathy, creativity, and humor to facilitate a safe and cooperative counseling experience. She considers it a privilege to help others find balance in their lives and better their quality of life.
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4 Sports Psychology Tips to Empower your Child or Teen through Athletics | Orlando Lake Mary Certified Sports Counselor

By |March 3rd, 2014|

Just participating in sports does not automatically foster positive growth in children. Many factors play a crucial role in your child’s success with athletics. The top four factors that I have found to help encourage positive sports participation are:

Fun and Constructive Atmosphere
Appropriate Parental Involvement
Having an Encouraging Mentor
A Focus on Transferable Life Skills

A positive sports environment