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Cathy Pinnock Orlando Marriage Counselor, Womens Issues, Family Therapist and Teen Counselor

Orlando Family, Marriage, Parents of Special Needs Children, Women’s Issues Counselor for Adults and Teens!   

Cathy connects quickly with clients

Cathy Pinnock, MBA, MS, is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (MFT) and specializes in working with families, couples, women, and teens/adolescents to help them find solutions to the personal challenges they face. She has the ability to quickly garner her clients trust, and approaches counseling from a Holistic and Spiritual perspective. Cathy employs empathy, warmth, and compassion and offers each client the individual attention they desire. She has been married for over 30 years and draws on the knowledge she has gained from her own marriage to help her client’s find hope and healing, while regaining their own personal strength.


Educational & Personal Experience:

Cathy’s desire to become a counselor started years ago as she experienced many obstacles raising a child with ADHD and learning to navigate the educational and emotional hurdles her child faced. She became her child’s greatest advocate and helped other families understand the process of working with school and medical professionals to help their child get the best possible services available. Extending her desire to help others, she had a passion for doing volunteer church counseling; helping families and couples find better ways to communicate and resolve dysfunctional family dynamics, while finding greater meaning in God’s purpose for their lives.

She has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Simmons College in Boston, MA, and a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University in Orlando, FL. Cathy combines her business and counseling skills to help her clients with career, family and emotional issues. She has worked with clients who have experienced anxiety, depression, grief and loss, divorce, parent/child disputes, and the challenges of being the primary caregiver to their aging parent.

Orlando Portuguese Child Counselor, Play Therapy, Sand Tray, Depression, Anxiety
Orlando Portuguese Marriage Counselor, Marriage, Relationship, Couples
Orlando Portuguese Teen Counselor, Anger Management, Depression, Anxiety

Areas of Specialty

Ages: 8+
All types of Abuse
Adjustment and Life Transitions
ADD/ADHD/ODD and Parenting
Anxiety Disorder
Anger Management
Blended Families
Business/Life Coaching
Career Coaching
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Social Skills Training
Parenting Techniques for Difficult Children
Parent Separation or Divorce
Eating Disorders
Family Counseling
Elderly (loss, grief, transition)
Grief & Loss
Pre-Marital – Prepare & Enrich Test to Measure 12 Areas of Compatibility
Personal Growth
Panic Attacks
Social Skills for Adults and Kids
Relationship problems
Self Esteem
Self Image or Body Image Issues
Stress Management
Teen and College Student Life & Adult Career Coaching
Women’s Issues

Interventions and Certifications

Cathy will utilize the appropriate technique depending upon each client’s particular case and need.  The specializations and interventions that Cathy has under her belt are as follows:

  • Marriage Assessment Tests – to help couples determine problematic areas in their marriage and find solutions to strengthen their relationship.
  • Premarital – Help couples explore their level of compatibility and overcome any areas of concern they may face before marriage.
  • Families – Work with families to discover more effective ways to communicate and alleviate some of the problematic areas that have caused great stress for the family.
  • Teens – Helping adolescents navigate through the difficulties of friendships/relationships, self esteem issues and communication challenges with their parents.

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Call Cathy for a 15 Minutes Complimentary Phone Consultation – (407) 248-0030

Orlando, Lake Mary and Clermont Counselors Therapists Videos in the News!


“Thank you for helping me understand myself and what’s going on in my marriage. I have learned how to communicate much better with my husband.”
Marriage Client
“I want to email Cathy, she gets me!“
Teen Client
“I appreciate your honest approach and integrity in teaching me how to relax and not overact to everything. You really listen to me and want to help me overcome the challenges I face as a Single Mom.”
Women's Issues Client
Cathy Pinnock brought a spirit of enthusiasm and encouragement to the process of career change. She was able to help me refine my understanding of my core motivations and interests, as well as help me with interview skills and honing my resume. I appreciated the practical assignments she gave me to advance the process between sessions, which created a sense of progress.
Eric - Career Coaching

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