Lake Mary & Orlando Florida: Child, Teen, Female Adult, Marriage, and Certified Sports Counseling
Why Julie Russell does what she does and so well! Julie has always had a passion for working with people and a natural interest in sports and the performing arts. Several years ago her husband suffered a serious injury, and that is what prompted her to become more invested in counseling those with injuries and in sports counseling. She continued learning about sports and injury, retirement from sports, athletes and teams in crisis, minimizing sports anxiety, and optimizing sports performance. Julie also became particularly interested in spinal cord injury, pain related injuries, and MS. She then graduated at the top of her class to become certified in sports counseling. She developed workshops on transferable skills for athletes, programs for athletic mentoring, and positive athletic parenting. Julie has had the pleasure of working with athletes of all ages, and on all levels, from amateur to Olympic contenders and professional athletes.

Testimonial | Again, thank you for your kindness. My husband and I cannot thank you enough for fitting us into your busy schedule in the evenings. You are helping so much that we are starting to re-build trust and communicate and starting to have fun with each other again. We even went out to dinner last night and we have not done this in so long! At times we are still struggling to be open with past issues, but I feel hopeful now that we are working on it with you. Thank you again! –L

Personal | Since Julie is a lover of warm weather and the beach, she recently happily relocated to the Lake Mary area with her husband and son. She considers it her pleasure and privilege to help others find balance in their lives and better their quality of life. Julie’s clients and students have said she is positive, genuine, caring, uplifting, and empowering. She uses empathy, creativity, and humor to facilitate a safe and cooperative counseling experience.

Julie had a successful private practice in Pennsylvania, where she was also a therapist for the PACT group of counselors who provided a full range of behavioral, mental health, and wellness services for parents, adolescents and children.  Julie has provided consultation and professional development presentations to several private and public schools (elementary, middle, high, college) in the states of Hawaii and Pennsylvania. Her consultations include conflict resolution, accommodations for children having pervasive development disorders (PDD) and children having various physical/emotional challenges, student retention, and school improvement programs. As a case manager, she has also been a liaison between the client and his/her outside services, including participating in Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and Individualized Habilitation Plans (IHP).

Utilizing empathy and respect, she promotes dignity and growth for all clients, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or background. Julie counsels with an interactive, eclectic, non-judgmental approach. She uses best practices such as: Solution-Focused/Brief Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies, and Play Therapy, as best fits the individual and situation. She may also include a more holistic/spiritual aspect, should that be requested.

Testimonial | My son said he had a good session with you last week.  He tells me he feels good after seeing you and can really open up.  His mood has been consistently better.  He was even running around singing last night, something he hasn’t done in over a year!   :). So much gratitude goes out to you.  Just so thankful that we found you! Simply cannot express the depth of my gratitude. –C

Specialties | She specializes in children, adolescents, adult females, couples therapy, anxiety and depression, and transition/adjustment issues. The majority of her clients are struggling with relationship and transition issues, such as birth, separation, death, geographic move, developmental stage growth, school-work related challenges, spiritual questioning, injury, etc. She has special expertise with physical and emotional challenges, such as spinal cord injury, pain, and MS. She has vast knowledge on how anxiety and depression may manifest throughout the life span, such as self-injurious behaviors, obsessions and compulsions, and relationship challenges.

Children, Adolescents, Couples & Female Adults

  1. Marriage and Relationship Counseling
  2. Teen Adolescent
  3. Transitions and Adjustment Issues
    1. Moving
    2. Death
    3. Separation
    4. Birth
    5. Developmental Stage Growth
    6. Injury
    7. Spiritual Questioning
  4. Child Counseling
  5. Anger Management
  6. Depression
  7. Anxiety
  8. Self-Injury
  9. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  10. Physical and Emotional Challenges
    1. Spinal Cord Injury
    2. Pain
    3. Multiple Sclerosis
  11. Sports-Recreation Counseling & Sports Psychology

Testimonials | I just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you and I am very grateful for all of the help that you gave me and my daughter in our time of need.  We are doing well and managing a lot better. We’ve been doing a lot of validating to her and it seems to be getting through. Thanks for your help!  The tools and resources you’ve given us really are making a big difference! –G

And thank you for all your wonderful work you are doing with my son. He really responds to his visits with you. He had been down for several days prior to his last meeting with you and seemed so uplifted after.  I know his work is far from done, but I am hopeful that he is on the right path. –B 

Education | Julie received her Master of Science in Counseling Psychology degree and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree from Chaminade University of Honolulu, Hawaii. She also completed a women’s studies concentration from the University of Dayton, Ohio. She received her Sports Counseling Certificate from California University of Pennsylvania.

Julie has the following licenses, and certifications:

  1. Licensed Professional Counselor (PA #PC005990)
  2. Prov. Licensed Mental Health Counselor (FL #PMH1135)
  3. National Certified Counselor (NCC/NBCC #286078)
  4. Certified Sports Counselor (8-20-11)
  5. Adjunct Psychology Instructor for several colleges/universities. She has taught over 12 different courses, including: Human Growth and Development, Psychology of Adjustment, Psychology of Death and Dying, Psychology of Middle Childhood/Adolescence, Psychology of Women, Abnormal Psychology, Psychology in the Community, and Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Testimonials | Thank you for your insight on what has been going on with my daughter. I thought you’d like to know that upon your recommendation we spoke with her school advisor and he referred her to the gifted program at school. Since then, her scores are consistently advanced and she is excelling in class. We even have a more peaceful environment at home as well, so the boys thank you too! –J

Thanks again Julie, I really do appreciate all your help and support. I don’t think I could have gotten through my senior year without you. -K

Julie- I wanted to let you know that my daughter has made a new friend in her class using what you taught her. So her tear filled mornings are gone, thank goodness. She is adjusting to this new school year much better because of your guidance and encouragement. Thank you Julie!  –A

Professional & Trainings | She has been a therapist working with parents, adolescents and children providing behavioral, mental health and wellness services, including parent and family psychoeducation and support for over 10 years. She believes that since we do not live and grow in isolation, family and/or mentor involvement can be the key to helping children and teens with anxiety and depression. She feels strongly in setting a child/teen up for success through identifying, growing, and recognizing their strengths, while also supporting them while working through their challenges. She has found that this empowering approach works with adults in transition as well.

Julie has been honored for her therapeutic excellence, dedication and commitment to counseling, and community service. She remains a lifelong learner and values keeping her counseling skills and research-based best practices current. She enjoys attending psychological and counseling conferences and seminars. She has successfully completed many trainings on various counseling topics, such as:

  1. Gottman’s couples counseling seminars ( incl. Building Trust, Love & Loyalty in Relationships),
  2. Disabilities
  3. Autism
  4. Behavioral Analysis and Assessment
  5. Non-violent Crisis Intervention (CPI)
  6. Nurturing Father’s Programs
  7. Crisis Counseling for athletes/athletic programs
  8. Department of Health and Department of Education trainings.

Community Involvement | Julie values community service and has been involved with such organizations as:

  1. Red Cross Disaster Relief Services Mental Health Team
  2. Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
  3. American Diabetes Foundation
  4. Neurofibromatosis Foundation
  5. Save the Food Basket HIV/AIDS foundation.
  6. Community service affiliations | Phi Theta Kappa/Golden Key National Honor Society, Psi Beta, Psi Chi, Zeta Tau Alpha, and the National Greek Leadership Council.
  7. Mentor | She has also mentored students of all levels, from elementary age learning to read, to mentoring college honors students with their research. Julie strongly believes in the importance of mentoring at all ages and stages in life.


  1. American Counseling Association
  2. Association for Play Therapy.

Call Julie for a Complimentary 15 Minute Consultation – (407) 248-0030