Orlando Relationship Counselor on Six Tips When Breaking Up Via Email

Breaking up is never an easy thing to do.However, when you are going to break up with someone you have been dating, often times it is best, to do it face-to-face.There are times when electronic communication is advisable, such as if there has been violence or abuse in the relationship.There are other times when it is just a matter of convenience. If you are going to break off your relationship via email, below are six tips to keep in mind.

1. Do your best to stick with the facts when discussing the break up as opposed to sharing your feelings. It’s hard for the other person to dispute facts.If you share your feelings, they may try to convince you to change your mind.

2. Refrain from posing questions in your email. This could encourage a response, which is not desired.After all, do you want to engage in an email debate?

3. Take the other person’s feelings into consideration. Use phrases that show your empathy such as “I would imagine you are feeling___________.” Be firm in your decision but compassionate.

4. Keep in mind that putting things in writing can come came back to haunt you later on down the road.Therefore, choose your words carefully; don’t write anything that you would regret later.

5. Remember that email can be forwarded, so decide ahead of time how personal you want to get in the message.

6. Finally, if the relationship is definitely over, don’t give the other person any other impression.

Again, face-to-face communication is more respectable to the other person.Remember to be firm in your decision and be kind in your words. After all, this was once a person you were interested in dating.

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Author: Janie Lacy