Orlando Teen Counselor gives a few Quick Tips for Transitioning into Middle School

What is their goal today?
• To learn

• Be polite
• Greet and affirm the teacher
• Greet and affirm my classmates – Make Peer Feel Like a Million Bucks

• Stay focused

• Stay out of trouble What are you supposed to do in class?
• Raise my hand
• Let other’s answer the questions before trying to answer

• Stay focused

• Take my time

• If finished early I need to check it over very carefully

What are you supposed to do at the end of each period?
• Write down all assignments
• Make sure I have what I need for the next class

What is your goal after the bell rings?
• Get to my locker

• Get what I need for the next class

• Get to class on time with time to spare
• Talk with your friends after you have what you need and make sure you are on time to class.
• Not to mess around, play jokes or for pranks. Do only what builds relationships.
• If someone is messing with me ignore the behavior or roll with teasing rather than be defensive. For More Information on Rolling with Teasing.

What do I need to do before I leave the school?
• Review assignments

• Note and grab each book or item I need to complete my assignments

• Throw it all in backpack

• Get to the bus or pickup location

Note: It might be a good idea to walk with your child through the school starting from 1st period schedule to the last class.
Do the following:
• Map out their steps

• Map when they should go to their locker.
• What books should they get for the next class or the next few classes (depending on the way the periods are mapped out)

• What assignments, class work, homework, and utensils they need.

• Print out this process in a format that would fit inside the door of their locker

The tendency is to go to their locker and only grab the books they need for the next class and then depending on the location of their classes, they may have to go across the campus to get their books for the next class (which could be close to their previous class).

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