Orlando Divorce Education Co Parenting Counseling and Orlando Co Parenting Classes for Divorce Court Ordered.

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Divorce and Children: Helping Your Children Through This Transition

4 Hour Divorce Education Co-Parenting Classes in Orlando

Orange, Seminole, Osceola and Lake County Court Referrals Accepted

Orlando Group Counseling Therapy Services in Orlando, Winter Park, Clermont, East Orlando, and Lake Mary Florida FL


  1. Avoid Downtown Orlando
  2. Save time by avoiding I-4 traffic or going across town
  3. Conveniently located just two miles off the 408 in Southwest Orlando
  4. Teens will work with a “live” counselor (not a 6 hour video) who specializes with teenagers
  5. Our counselors are fun, relational, interactive, & approachable

What You Will Learn

Going through divorce is not easy for anyone. There are many widely known negative psychological and emotional effects on children. This is why the state of Florida requires parents to take a course on how to handle separation of the family and restabilize the children as quickly and healthy as possible.

The Divorce Class is required by Florida Statute 61.21 order for the concerned parties to obtain a final judgment of dissolution of marriage in Florida when there are children involved.

Total Life Counseling has Orlando marriage & family therapists who care deeply for the well being of your children.

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4 Hour Orlando Divorce Education Co Parenting Class To Begin Your Journey Through Divorce

Topics discussed:

  1. The stages of separation and divorce
  2. Children’s age appropriate adjustment to divorce
  3. How to develop positive co-parenting strategies
  4. Abuse issues
  5. How to introduce new relationships or step-family in your children’s lives
  6. Co-Parenting Teamwork
  7. Stages of Divorce and the Effects on Family
  8. Divorce Stress & Anger Management
  9. Boundary Setting in Divorce
  10. Children’s Age Appropriate Adustment to Divorce
  11. Assertive Communication
  12. Successfully Transitioning Children
  13. Parenting Styles
  14. Blended Families After Divorce
  15. Discipline
  16. Co-Parenting Plans & Strategies
  17. Step Family Dynamics
  18. Introducing new relationships in your children’s lives

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Ten Avoidable Mistakes Parents Make When they Divorce

Please contact us and allow us to serve you by teaching you these skills.  Consults can be arranged as an in-service in school and churches in the Orlando, Winter Park, Lake Mary, and Clermont area, or by individual sessions in our Orlando, Winter Park, Lake Mary, and Clermont offices.