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8 Hour Anger Management Classes for Adults – Orange County & Lake County Court Ordered Referrals Accepted

Anger management Classes will be scheduled monthly on Saturdays from 9:00a-5:30pm with 1/2 hour for lunch (on your own) and applicants must register by calling (407) 248-0030. For 8 hour certificate attendees should arrive 15 minutes early for check-in.  Call for next available dates.

This class includes hilarious movie clips, and the anger management facilitators are Master’s level professionals.



  1. Avoid Downtown Orlando
  2. Save time by avoiding I-4 traffic or going across town
  3. Conveniently located just two miles off the 408 in Southwest Orlando
  4. Teens will work with a “live” counselor (not a 6 hour video) who specializes with teenagers
  5. Our counselors are fun, relational, interactive, & approachable


“I am very pleased that I chose Total Life Counseling as my source for Anger Management class and would highly recommend this class to anyone dealing with anger issues.  Anthony’s style of teaching was fun and informative.” – Client
“I learned alot from the class and I’m already seeing results as I’m applyng some of the techniques and tools to control how I react” – Jay
By far the most informative and . . . caring facilitators in the business.” Client
“There was an atmosphere where I felt safe to be myself.” Irame
“Keep up the good work. People can learn a lot from Mr. Anthony Gutierrez.”
“Facilitators made it fun and interactive. Will recommend it to other friends.”
“Very informative.”

PROGRAM OVERVIEW: Anger Management Techniques

The purpose of the anger management group is to help individuals learn improved methods of handling their anger and anger-provoking situations. The group is lead by two fun, approachable and interactive Master’s Level Counselors.

Anger Management Class Flyer


Anger is an emotional state with varying degrees of intensity and consequences. By handling situations more effectively, group members will experience many positive benefits in their lives.

Upon successful completion of all 8 hours a completion certificate will be awarded.


Understanding Anger

Myths about Anger

Anger as an Emotion

Anger Triggers
Emotions Underlying Anger

Personal Anger Responses and Interventions

Physical Cues to Anger
Behaviors Related to Anger
Time Out Plan
Styles of Anger (passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, assertive)

Anger Management Awareness and Interventions

Power of Words
Dealing with Conflict (internal and external)

Conflict Resolution and Personal Responsibility

Effective Ways to Release Anger
Meaning and Benefit of Forgiveness/Letting Go

Download Audio on How to Manage Anger for Students or Teach Students to Manage their Anger.

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Anger Management Curriculum for Children and Teenagers

I remember when I was 21 years old and bought my first Mustang. It was a pretty two-door aquamarine car that could
really go fast. Well, the day I drove it off the lot I remember noticing that the gas gauge was low. I ignored it. I had to show this beauty off to a bunch of my closest family and friends. I continued driving letting others dote on my car while I sat back with a ever so slight smirk on my face. To make a long story short I ended up stranded, walking to gas station. Why? Because I disregarded the gas light until it was too late.

Children and adults often deal with anger in the same way, by ignoring the anger until it is too late.  Then…watch out as there might be yelling, expletives, stomping, punching, banging or some may stuff it down inside. In either case, it is dealt with poorly and the results can be even more debilitating. In children, diagnoses such as Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Adjustment Disorder, and Depression often have anger as a symptom. While in adults, diagnoses such as Anti-Social Personality Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Adjustment Disorder, and Substance Abuse often display uncontrollable and inappropriate anger tendencies.

These emotions are much like my dummy light on the Mustang. When the light comes on we have the choice to deal with it or ignore it. Anger is not the problem. It is how we choose to deal with it. The anger management group offered at Total Life Counseling led by myself will approach anger from this vantage point, pointing out various methods by which we can identify our anger and handle it appropriately.

Anger Management – Often The Ignored Emotion . . Until it’s too late!

If you are interested in our anger management seminars, groups, classes or individual counseling for a child, teen or adult, or to satisfy court requirements please call our office at 407-248-0030.

Anger management counseling in Orlando, Winter Park, Lake Mary, and Clermont.

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