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Responding to Teasing – What do I say when someone calls me a name or provokings me?

Teaching Students to “Roll with Conflict”

“You are an idiot!”
“Why are you so weird!”
“Your mother sucks!”
“You’re so stupid & I hate you!”

Just a few emotional attacks that students endure at school.  Some students react with aggression, some with tears and isolation, and others feel unaccepted and alone.  Parents want so much to give their students the skills to deal with these attacks.

Students need help to respond without provoking, teasing back or without letting the aggressor see them upset or angry.  Teaching students to roll with conflict with confidence and humor can help them defuse tension or hurt feelings, reduce additional teasing and build confidence.  For example, if someone says “your an idiot” the victim could say “That’s the best thing I heard all day!’ Here are some more examples:

1. “You’re an Idiot!”-“Thank you!

2. “Freak”-“That’s the best thing I’ve heard all day”

3. “Stupid”-“You just made my day”

4. “I hate you”-“Woah, having a bad day?”

5. “Retard”-“You always bring out the best in me.

6. “I hate you!”-“Somebody needs a hug.”

Download the Flyer below for more examples.

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Teach Students Leadership & Social Skills So They Have Friends with Them

Video Bullying Tips for Parents and Students to Fly Under Bullies Radar | Bullying Expert Jim West, MA, LMHCWhen students are taught ways to:

1. Show confidence

2. Increase eye contact

3. Greet friends and acquaintances

4. Start conversation

5. Take an interest and bring out the best qualities in those around them

6. Make their peers feel like a million bucks then they will have friends.

Once they have friends then they are less of target for bullying, teasing or provocation.

Download more tips with StressLess with Flying Under the Bully Radar or set up a consultation with Bullying Expert Jim West, MA, LMHC, NCC