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3 Quick Steps to Resolve Child Adolescent Conflict for the Family or School!


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DVD - 3 Quick Steps to Resolve Child Adolescent Conflict

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TESTIMONIAL: Students state, “we have fun and are eager for each session with Mr. West.” Jim teaches students how to affirm each other in a “fun” way.

*What is an Apology: I apologize I was wrong and will try never to do it again. Will you Forgive me?
*What is the Benefits of Forgiveness: Research says a forgiving victim lives 8 years longer than one who holds on to forgiveness.
*How Can I Make It Up to You: Apologies are empty and still leave the victim feeling they can not trust the person as much as they did before the person hurt them.
*So learn ways to quickly “Make it Up” to the person so they will trust you more than before they were hurt.
*If I did something mean I can do something nice for the victim.
*If I said something mean I can say 4 nice character or compliment their personality or talents.

Bullying Program without talking about Bullying using Positive Socialization & Repairing Relationships by allowing bullies to “Make It Up” to the one they hurt in place of detention or suspension
Reduced Bullying by 50% in your Home or School within 2 weeks.
*Learn how to teach Students how to Roll with Teasing or Name Calling: “Your an idiot” Response: “That’s the Best thing I heard all day.”
*Retain Families with this program. Schools have reported an increase in Retention of families of Victims and been able to Rehabilitate some of the Bullies.
*Reduce Tardies and Discipline Problems by 30% in the first week by having students greet all their classmates by the end of each week: “Good morning Sasha!
*It’s good to see you! I love your blouse.” Incorporate positive conflict resolution plan listed above: “I apologize for hitting you,
*I was wrong and will try not to do it again, will you forgive me? Let me carry your back pack for the day to rebuild trust.”

3 Easy Steps to Repair Peer or Sibling Relationships & Reduce School Bullying by Teaching Positive Socialization.
*Positive socialization is the type of social learning that is based on pleasurable and exciting experiences.
*Peer pressure is not always a bad thing. For example, positive peer pressure can be used to pressure bullies into acting better toward other kids. Positive Peer Pressure is Peer Support.
*This program teaches youth workers how they can utilize peer support in promoting positive youth development.

This program, now used in Elementary/Secondary Schools, & Youth Groups, across Florida is reducing discipline problems by up to 50 percent, eliminating the need for after school detention programs, and is giving students the emotional security to participate more fully in the learning process.

*Instant Results: Faculty at each school that participates in this consult is amazed at the quick turn around in the classroom.
*Assimilation of new students: Students report “everyone in the class is talking to everyone” by simply teaching students how to greet each other and requiring them to greet each class member by the end of each week.
*Inclusion: Fifth grade girls recently noted “the boys are letting us play football with them.”

80 Min – 2-40 Minutes Sessions

Digital Audio  

Price: $4.99 Digital Video
Price: $9.99
DVD - 3 Quick Steps to Resolve Child Adolescent Conflict

The 3 Quick Steps Power Point File & Workbook compliments this Resource.