StressLess with Oppositional Defiant Angry Teens or Children with Family Expert Jim West, MA, LMHC, NCC
Learn the Four T’s to Avoid: Triggers, Temporary Insanity, Tone & Threats. Learn proven techniques to Defuse the Angry Defiant Child, and ways to Resolve Conflict and Repair the Relationship. Plus, The History of Adolescence.Compliment the DVD purchase with the Power Point file to do your own presentation at your school or organization or use the slides to take notes.READ MORE or Preview Solutions for Oppositional Defiant Students.

Parenting Teacher ADHD Tips Solutions for the Classroom and Home Expert Jim West StressLess with ADHD | OVERCOMING ADHD CLASSROOM CHALLENGES
Learn the definition of ADHD, Classroom Accommodations, Behavior Modification, Rewards Systems, & Alternative Treatments in most cases without medication. Use ADHD Expert, Jim West’s proven techniques to StressLess using his homework recommendations and chore charts. ADHD is a lack of internal motivation to do anything the ADHD student is not excited about. Learn ways to motivate them externally. The ADHD Video, Power Point & Workbook includes: Positives of ADHD, Dietary Suggestions, Helpful Vitamins instead of Medication, School & Home Behavior Charts, Rewards, Chore Charts, Jim’s own Subcontracting System, and More! READ MORE & Preview Overcoming ADHD Classroom Challenges

Bullying Tips for Parents and Students to Fly Under the Bully Radar | Bully Expert Jim West, MA, LMHC

StressLess with Bullying | PARENT & STUDENT TIPS TO FLY UNDER THE BULLIES RADAR! Learn why Bullies . .  Bully? How to Fly Under the Radar?  How to make friends to have a Posse, How to Develop Self Esteem and way to roll with teasing instead of Reacting. What’s Included? Signs that your child may be a Victim of BullyingWhat is Indirect Aggression? – Similar to the Mean Girls Movie.  What Parenting Style contributes to making your child a target for bullies? Developing a Healthy Self-Esteem Now or in the Early Years! Building Social Skills to have a Posse!  Learn to make friends so you are not alone! Making Peers Feel Like a Million Bucks! How to Roll with Teasing? Ignoring doesn’t always work and walking away still gives the bully what they want.  So it’s important to respond without insulting them back and without letting them see they are getting to you! What Parenting Style may cause Bullying Behaviors?What if I have heard my child/teen is bullying others?Sorry doesn’t cut it!  READ MORE or Preview StressLess with Bullying.

StressLess with Bullying in the Schools | 3 Quick Tips to Repair Relationships | Bullying Expert Jim West StressLess with Bullying in the School | 3 TIPS TO RESOLVE CONFLICT & REPAIR RELATIONSHIPS
A Bullying Program without talking about Bullying | “Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!” Ask most kids what Sorry means and they will say, “it means I will never do it again! 3 Quick Tips “Goes Beyond Sorry” to Resolve Conflict and Repair the Trust. Students and parents will rebuild trust with an Apology, and say “How Can I Make it up to You? Great for Schools to Repair Peer Relationships & Reduce Bullying. Schools have implemented this program across the state of Florida and some of have eliminated the need for a detention program, increased retention, improved character development and reduced bullying by 50%! Power Point file available to do your own presentation at your school or organization or use the slides to take notes. Leadership & Social Skills handouts, AMC Plan, Building Trust with Peers, Teachers & Home, Team Building Games, How to Roll with Teasing, Dealing with Perceptions, and How to Make it Stick at Home or School. READ MORE & Preview StressLess with Bullying

Defusing Challenging Angry Parents in the School or Non-Profit

Long gone are the days where the parent believes the teacher over their child or teen.Learn 3 easy steps to Defuse the Challenging Angry Parent and turn them into a united front to help their student.Compliment the DVD purchase with the Power Point file to do your own presentation at your school or organization or use the slides to take notes.READ MORE & PREVIEW Defusing the Challenging Angry Parent

How to Have the Best Sex | 6 Common Characteristics of Surveyed Couples share what make their sex life awesome! The answer is not what you read in all the magazine. This is from couples! StressLess with the Best Sex | SIX COMMON CHARACTERISTICS OF COUPLES REPORTING THE BEST SEX | LONG & SHORT TERM EFFECTS OF HOOKING UP Video Tips 
Everyone is searching for the Best Sex Tips, Fulfillment in their Relationships. Men & Women are starting to feel cheated and empty after Casual Sex and wanting to find someone that will be committed and love them. What you will Learn! Learn why couples who live together before they marry have the highest divorce rate? The Myths of Sex without Commitment is exposed in this DVD. Learn the Long and Short Term Effects of Casual Sex on Men & Women. Plus 6 Common Characteristics of Couples Reporting the Best Sex! Compliment the DVD purchase with the Power Point file to do your own presentation at your school or organization or use the slides to take notes. READ MORE & PREVIEW Six Common Characteristics

Anger Management Audio & Workbook for Students with Family Expert Jim West Counselor Orlando StressLess with Anger: ANGER MANAGEMENT RESOURCES: Is Anger a Bad Emotion? Anger Education is something we probably all could have used earlier in life. This program teaches us first that Anger is an appropriate emotion and lets us know something might be wrong or maybe we are just angry because we are being selfish. How we respond to the situation will help us to realize if we are being selfish and apologize or maybe there is something wrong and we need to do something about it. Students will learn the 3 Purposes of Anger, Anger Signals, Anger Management Control Techniques, and Going Beyond the Apology & Repair the Relationship: Finally, “Going beyond Sorry.” “Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!” We hear this over and over again but “Sorry” does not prevent further conflict and also does not repair the relationship. This program shows you how to repair the relationship and regain the Trust that is paramount in building relationships. READ MORE

Holistic Mental Health Alternatives for Mental Health | Vitamins, Supplements and Diet Alternatives for Mental Health instead of Medication | ADHD Anxiety Depression BiPolar StressLess with HOLISTIC ALTERNATIVES TO ADHD, Depression, Bipolar, and Anxiety Video & Workbook: ADHD Treatment Options on Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Depression and ADHD treatment through Proper Nutrition and Vitamins Video!  Learn why ADHD vitamins alone without eating properly will not work, and ADHD diets without supplements often do not work as well. There is plenty of research on nutritional deficiencies with mental health issues like ADHD, Bipolar, Depression, and Anxiety and loads of research on proper diet. However, so many people just try the diet without the vitamins or just the vitamins without the diet but if we do not eat properly we are not able to absorb the vitamins! This is key reason why so many people do not get better with the holistic approach. Additionally, the quality of the vitamins is very important as well. By the way, my video and workbook tells you which brand of vitamins that are effective, but we do not sell the vitamins so you do not have to wonder if this is just another website pushing their own vitamins! This video discusses the importance of the adhd diet and supplements when treating children and adults with adhd, depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety. Food additives effect people with adhd and other emotional disorders. Our natural adhd treatment video will help manage these mental health disorders. READ MORE

Social Skills Audio, Power Point & Workbook for Training Children and Adolescents - Child/Adolescent Expert Jim West, MA, LMHC, NCC StressLess with SOCIAL SKILLS CURRICULUM: Have you ever seen a Leader without Followers? Power Point – Professionally made Power Point slides with pictures and sound effects that compliment the Social Skills Workbook Handouts. Handouts – Professional handouts with fill in the blank exercises to role play conversation in the group or with a parent. Point System – Using Poker Chips the students earn points toward a reward at the end of each group. Parent Involvement at the end of each session so the students can share or teach their parents what they learned. “Teaching is the best learning.” Experiential Learning which include games used at ropes courses to improve communication, teamwork, and help students connect with their peers (Social Skills Workbook). Building Trust: Students learn “Trust” is the glue in relationships and everything we do with our peers either builds trust or breaks trust. Resolving Conflict with Peers: Students are encouraged to “Rebuild Trust” with a peer in our groups by doing something nice for whomever’s trust was broken in an effort to repair the trust. Channel 13 interviewed girl and mother who went from no friends to making friends with our Social Skills Programs (See Sidebar). READ MORE