Social Skills Workbook Handouts Groups Counseling curriculum do your own groupSocial Skills Workbook & Handouts for a Group or Individual Training

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BONUS: Anger Management Skills Group Tips are also included for facilitating your own group.

Topics Include:

  • Greeting
  • Starting Conversations
  • Continuing Conversations
  • Dealing with How you are Perceived
  • How to Handle Name Calling – Rolling With It!
  • Reflective Listening
  • Servant Leadership
  • Affirmations
  • Dealing with Provoking
  • Building Trust with Peers – Trust is the Glue in Friendships
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Building Games

Have you ever seen a leader without followers?

Teaching leadership to students will help them to build up their peers, make their peers feel good, put their peers first (servant leadership) and students will be drawn to them. Leadership also will boost confidence and self esteem. This audio session will teach you how to use the handouts and Power Point to facilitate a group in a school, church, home or counseling center. Parents may use the tools to teach their student(s) Leadership and Social Skills as well.

  • Going Beyond the Apology & Repair the Relationship: Finally, “Going beyond Sorry”. Sorry, Sorry, Sorry! We hear this over and over again but “Sorry” does not prevent further conflict and also does not repair the relationship. This program shows you how to repair the relationship and regain the Trust that is paramount in building relationships.


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