Rolling over, sitting, crawling, walking, cooing, speaking; these are just some of the basic developmental milestones we expect our young children to reach. When we suspect one or more of these is delayed, what do we do? Where do we turn?

In Orange County, Florida, before a child is three years old, one can turn to The Developmental Center (407-317-7430), formerly knows as “Early Steps” for a free evaluation for the child. Children three or older, can access services through the Orange County Public School (OCPS) system. Once a school age child is evaluated for developmental delays they may be eligible for an Individual Education Plan (IEP), and can obtain therapies through the school system. Additionally, your child’s pediatrician can be a great resource.

If you find your child does have a developmental delay, it’s helpful to seek out other parents who face the same or similar challenges. Support is key. Your marriage might become strained due to differences of opinion in how to treat your child. Again, support is important. If your family is experiencing more and more friction and disagreements, marital therapy may be beneficial.

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