It is difficult to identify only one reason for teenagers drug use. There are a variety of factors that influence teens to try drugs. It is important we understand that during the teenage phase they are going through physical and hormonal changes, which can be confusing and stressful. Teens continue to discover their identity till their early twenties. Any kind of change can be frightening, confusing, and make one feel lost, and with teens it’s not any different. Just like adults, teens face extreme pressure from fluctuating events. Important changes happen in their lives as pressure increases from school, family, friends as well as an increase in responsibilities and obligations. There are many reasons why teens end up using drugs and here are some common reasons:

Escape: Pressure from school, friends, and family can lead teens to look for drugs as a way to escape from responsibility and stress.

Curiosity: This is one of the most common reasons for teens to choose to experiment with drugs. It is important to differentiate experimenting with a substance from abusing it. A person can become addicted by continuously using a substance.

Peer Pressure: The influence from friends and peers is a relevant factor for teens to use drugs especially if there isn’t a stable family system to rely on.

Dysfunctional Family Environment: Hostile and dysfunctional family environments have a huge influence on teenagers behavior and choices in life. Due to stress, teens will rely on drugs to escape his/her frustrations. Usually teens will have the tendency to isolate or to adopt defiant and aggressive behavior.

Lack of Confidence: Many teens find it difficult to socialize while using drugs which leads to a lack of self-confidence and courage.

It is imperative to stress the importance of communication to help teens face challenges and changes peculiar to this phase. Families who adopt open communication will positively influence their teens that are exposed to drugs to make better choices. Professional help from Counselor Experts can also be significant for teens to overcome drug use and to address their challenges. Group therapy or support groups like Twelve Steps will help teens feel supported and encouraged by peers who are also facing similar challenges. Individual therapy provided by a substance abuse counselor or Orlando Child Teen Anxiety Counseling, can also benefit teens to overcome dependency of drugs and dealing with triggers.

The continuous use of a substance can have a long term affect on the brain as they are still developing. Look for a mental health professional to help your teen with drug abuse.

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AUTHOR: Anna Vita, M.S.  -has a Master’s of Science in Counseling Psychology and is an accomplished multi-cultural Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern working with couples, teens, young adults and women empowerment issues in Orlando and East Orlando Florida!  Anna Vita can be reached at (407) 248-0030.