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Bulimia is formally known as “Bulimia Nervosa.” Bulimia or Bulimic behaviors usually involves the consumption of more than one serving of food in a short period of time and then purging the food through vomiting, laxatives, enema, or excessive exercising. A person with Bulimia might go through a period of starvation, followed by a period of binge eating, accompanied by intense guilt.

5 Signs of Bulimia are:

  1. Depression or anxiety
  2. Unhappiness with body image
  3. Excessive exercise
  4. Scaring on the backs of the hands
  5. Tooth decay

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What can I do if I suspect my loved one is Bulimic?

Know there is much shame and guilt surrounding bulimia, and most are loathe discussing it. Try to avoid talking specifically about the eating disorder if he or she doesn’t want to and instead focus on the positive by focusing on ways to obtain help.

What to Expect From Bulimic Outpatient Counseling?

Treatment approaches which are holistic are the most beneficial:

  1. Holistic meaning treatment approaches which are all encompassing with focus on the body-mind & spirit.
  2. Nutritionist: Your counselor will likely make recommendations for a Nutritionist who is an expert with Eating Disorders.
  3. Communication between helping professionals, i.e. primary medical practitioner, nutritionist and eating disorder specialist/therapist, is important for continuity of care.
  4. Time: Eating disorder treatment takes time so be patient and consistent with therapy.
  5. Medically Stable: Potential clients for outpatient counseling must be medically stable. If health becomes unstable, other, more intensive, treatment approaches will be considered.
  6. Frequency: Outpatient individual counseling is for medically stable clients who can thrive with a one or two appointment per week treatment schedule.

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  3. Receive a Plan: TLC takes the guesswork out of finding a good counselor. Our Therapists & Coaches will give you a plan or suggestions by the end of the first or second session.
  4. Save Time: We have 4 convenient office locations. So instead of wasting 2 hours in traffic coming and going to counseling appointments you can lose less time from work and get to your appointments in less time.

What to do?

If your loved one displays symptoms of bulimia, encourage him or her to seek assistance. Don’t pressure them, instead, lovingly share your concern and offer to brainstorm potential solutions. Some prefer to begin the process with their medical doctor while others prefer to begin with a counselor. No matter where the process for help begins, loving encouragement works best.

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*Note: If your loved one has progressed to the point where he or she can no longer take care of him or herself, medical intervention is necessary. If the person is unconscious or unresponsive, please call 911 immediately.