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According to the National Retail Federation, Valentine’s Day spending for 2011 was $15.7 billion. The average person was expected to spend $116.21 last year. There was even a study of the 10 most romantic cities based upon how much money is spent on Valentine’s Day. Husbands, wake up! Open your eyes. Smell the roses. Valentine’s Day is almost here. Candy is on the shelves of the major department stores; flowers are beginning to pop up everywhere. Bring on the chocolate and candy hearts. Conversation Hearts are the most popular candies for Valentine’s season and they have been around for over 125 years. They are small candies with a large message.







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4 Tips for Loving Your Wife from your Valentine’s Day Candy Hearts

Old School | Traditional Hearts | They might have been around for a long time but the message is tried and true.

1) Be Mine | Commitment to your spouse

“Be Mine” is a reminder of the importance of commitment to your wife. This commitment is emotional as well as physical. Talk to your spouse and find out what she feels commitment is, so that you can show her that you are committed in a way that she will receive it. What’s the point of spending time with your wife if what you are doing is not showing her that you care? Once you know how she feels, then spend that time either watching movies together, going on dates, doing “chores” around the house, taking her out to a nice dinner, etc. Just stay committed to her emotionally.

2) Sweet Love | Develop Love in the Relationship

“Sweet Love” is a reminder to develop the love in the relationship. This development of love will depend on both you and your wife. Take the time to find out ways that she feels loved or just remember past arguments and try to apply them. If she has stated to you, “You don’t put in enough effort”, realize that she probably feels loved by you doing things for her and being engaged in her life. Work hard to figure out your wife’s love language and then upon discovery show her love they way she will feel loved.

3) Kiss Me | Affection

“Kiss Me” is a reminder to show affection to your spouse. Many marriages lose the simple affection that they once showed each other when they were dating. Spend time together. Kiss for more than just a hello or goodbye. Kiss so long that the kids want to separate you. Heck, it’s because of these kisses and affection that they are here in the first place. Show affection to your spouse.

New School Candy Heart-Current words but the message is still appropriate. I mean come on, even our parents and grandparents are texting.

4) Text Me | Stay Connected to Your Spouse

“Text Me” is a reminder to stay connected to your spouse. More often than not, our wives do not need us to give them every detail of our day, but they will feel and stay connected if we tell them highlights of our day. Take 10 minutes when you get home to tell her how you are doing. You will be surprised at how connected she will feel to you, which in turn will make her feel loved by you.

As husbands, sometimes it feels like we cannot get the right Valentine’s gift for our wife. So, after a while it becomes stale and we stop trying. Simple is always good. Create something using the candies, describing how you love her based on the words, no matter what your choice of candy words. Old School or New School Valentine’s Day 365 days a year in a woman’s heart.

Author: Matthew Martin, B.S., Mental Health Graduate Student Counselor Intern

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