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What Family Counseling Comprises?

At Total Life Counseling, family services include couples therapy, marriage counseling, parenting classes, blended family counseling, co-parenting assistance, divorce mediation, as well as child and adolescent therapy. Life often presents situations, which are too difficult to handle alone. Family can be especially complicated, with differing personalities and dynamics co-mingling together all the time. That complexity is only further complicated in blended families, which are increasingly common these days. When faced with big events in life—combining families, marriage, transitioning from child to teen, or divorce—sometimes it does a world of good to sit down with a professional and talk about the matter—what to do next, or how to handle things.

Going through a divorce is one of life’s hardest challenges. It can bring about a lot of emotions and turmoil, which can be resolved with the help of a therapist. Children affected by divorce can receive resolution on their confusion and assurance in a time of uncertainty. Those working through a divorce can get advice on how to handle co-parenting in a non-hostile way.

Communication is a common issue in all types of relationships. Are you struggling to maintain good communication with your child, spouse, or partner? For these and other life changes, TLC is the right place to seek resolution.

Finding the right counselor

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect counselor for you. Here at Total Life Counseling Center, we have skilled counselors who are approachable and can help you with any situation. Our counselors are experts in their fields and have very diverse backgrounds, so we will be able to match you with a counselor who best meets your family’s needs. Our therapists are called upon often to provide expert advice on family issues by television, radio, and print media, so you can be sure to get the best counseling available!

Our Dallas TLC Family Experts in the News

Family Testimonial

“Well let me start by letting you know i have been blessed. I went to court in August and was alittle scared, I saw my daughters mother attorney and the mother of my daughters prepared to battle full custody. I gave [TLC’s Counselors Report] the report to my attorney and she immediately gave a copy to the attorney representing the mother of my daughter. At that point the mother [x-wife] put her head down and indicated to her attorney to give me what i want. I could not beleived it, she gave me the custody after a 5 yr battle. Your report was seen by both attorneys and by the judge who indicated the report came from someone with excellent credentials and that it was very strong in my favor. I don’t have words to express my gratitude for your excellent service. You just saved 3 small childrens future/lives. This world needs more people like you and i hope total life counseling knows what a great asset they have, Thank you.”
Thankful Parent

Family Services

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Life would be mush easier if a child was born with an instruction manual on how to handle every situation. While that is an impossible fantasy, if you are seeking advice on how to handle difficult times with your children, a therapist can help you nurture a healthy relationship with them, and ensure they are meeting developmental stages in an optimal way. Areas of parenting difficulty include not executing discipline in an effective or appropriate way—something every parent has dealt with or will encounter at one time or another. All parents need help now and then. Family coaching could be just the solution that you have been searching for. Our counselors facilitate parenting classes that equip you with the proper tools to navigate the hard times with your children, and teach responsibilities necessary for a successful life. You can leave with the education of how to relay important life lessons, in a loving way, to best ensure your child’s healthy future.

Dallas blended family counseling, Fort Worth blended parenting therapy, Arlington Texas Blended Family Counselor

Blended Families

95.5 million adults have a stepfamily relationship. 75% of all first marriages, which end in divorce, result in another marriage. These facts point to the reality that blended families are a significant part of society. Our counselors recommend pre-marital counseling as the first step for those entering into a union that includes two families. This will serve to address any past issues and pave the way for the new conjoined family to start fresh together.

If your already blended family is experiencing problems, our therapists will create a plan of action. Professionals will work closely with you and all members of your family to navigate the confusion such a life situation can present.

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Moms and Me Workshop

The mother-daughter relationship can be one of intense conflict. It is a delicate relationship not to be taken for granted, but easily done so when you seem to never be able to get along with each other. Having trouble connecting, communicating, or finding a common ground, are all frustrating reasons to seek guidance. TLC’s workshops will work through issues, strengthen the bond between the two of you, and give you a sense of satisfaction in your relationship, which may have been diminished or absent for a while. Our knowledgeable counselor Jada Jackson will teach you and your daughter the right ways to build each other up, instead of tearing one another down. The class is interactive and prompts self-exploration. In an intimate atmosphere, you can be comfortable while receiving caring attention from the instructor, to give you and your daughter the best experience possible.

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Family Divorce Support

Trying to raise a child the right way, in the midst of a divorce, is difficult. A family counselor can help your family with making decisions, regarding things like school or health matters, when each parent has the children, and which holidays will be celebrated with or without them. This type of counseling can result in a much smoother transition from a joined parenting, married, team, to divorced parents on the same page— coexisting in a peaceful manner.

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