How much time of your day do you spend worrying about things? So often we think that if we worry enough we will figure out the answer for our problems.

However, rumination and non-stop worrying just seems to increase our feelings of anxiety, tension, frustration and unbalances our body chemicals. Having a mindful approach towards life perhaps can be a better option to manage the worries to produce a more balanced everyday routine and life. Below find some tips on how and why you should not worry all the time:

1- Find things to do that you can distract your mind from worrying such as cleaning the house, taking a walk with your pet, organizing that shelf that has been abandoned and covered in dust for months, cooking delicious food, listening to soft music, dancing and exercising.

2- Reserve a time to worry, worrying all the time can cause emotional disturbance and besides it can increase the production of cortisol causing even more stress to your body.

3- Again our friend cortisol – High production of cortisol can increase the weight gain, specially around our abdomen, even if you are eating healthy and exercising.

4- Be aware of your thoughts – self- awareness is a powerful exercise you can practice every time you are bombarded by negative thoughts. Identifying negative thought patterns can help you reorganize them and find a more assertive solution for your worry.

5- Practice mindfulness – worry and mindfulness do not belong together, when you engage in the process of mindfulness you take away the opportunity for any worry to border your thoughts. Mindfulness helps you to be focus on the present moment, here and now, and not in the worry.

6- Breath and relax – Taking time to take deep breaths in and out will help you to feel more in control of your thoughts and decrease the feelings of anxiety and tension that worry produces.

Overall, we all know that to think is a rational necessity for all human beings and assist us with decision-making and to construct knowledge. Nonetheless, ruminating with negative thoughts will just reinforce a negative and compulsive state of mind and build a negative pattern of thoughts causing our worries to increase.

Sometimes sharing your worries with someone you trust or a consulting a trusted mental health professional for anxiety therapy services, can help you to process your worries in a more effective and health way.

Author: Anna Vita M.S. Although Anna has a strong passion for helping women with low self-esteem, or that have been domestically or sexually abused, Anna excels in treating all of her clients with incredible detail, professionalism, ethic and care to each one’s own need and specification. If you are looking for Lake Mary Cognitive behavioral therapists give us a call at: (407) 248-0030