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Orlando, Lake Mary and Clermont Counselors Therapists Videos in the News!
Orlando Adult ADHD Counseling Services, Lake Mary Adult Anxiety Therapist, Winter Park Adult Depression Counselor
Orlando Adult Depression Anxiety Counselor, best orlando therapist florida
Orlando Adult ADHD Counseling Services, Lake Mary Adult Anxiety Therapist, Winter Park Adult Depression Counselor
Orlando Adult ADHD Counseling Services, Lake Mary Adult Anxiety Therapist, Winter Park Adult Depression Counselor

Orlando Adult Counseling & Therapy for ADHD, Marriage, Depression, Anxiety & more in Orlando, Winter Park, East Orlando, Lake Mary & Clermont Florida FL.

Orlando Adult Therapy including adult sexual abuse therapy, adult therapy for adhd, and individual adult therapy in the Orlando area. Our Orlando counselors include counseling  to adults for anxiety disorder through anxiety treatment in Central Florida. We use anger management techniques for anger issues with anger management with our  Orlando counseling services for adults.

Is this you?

Do you have anger, depression, anxiety disorders, or something like them that you feel you need to talk about? Are you going through a divorce, a remarriage, or having problems with your sexual health? Is something new and big happening in your life that you need help coping with or understanding? Or do you just feel like you need to talk to someone, and would like a safe environment and a listening ear to do so? Everyone needs a little help at some point in their life, and even as adults it is more than alright to ask for it. The only issue, then, is who to go to for that help?

Finding the Right Counselor

It can be hard to know where to turn, especially when you’re looking for counseling services. At Total Life Counseling, we assure that you are going to receive wonderful care. Our counselors are truly caring individuals, and are happy to be there for you inyour time of need. As well as having specialized training and expertise, our counselors have been interviewed many times by the local media. They are experts in many different therapy techniques, and will help you find a plan and/or give you helpful suggestions by the end of the first 1-2 sessions. You can count on our counselors to give you the best and most up to date therapy possible.

Alternatives to Medication for Mental Health:

Total Life Counseling Center has clients drive from all over the state of Florida, Central America, South America, the Carribbean, Belgium and more, as he has been able to treat clients with ADHD, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Depression and more with FDA approved vitamins and dietary modifications in the Orlando area. Since 2003 85% of his clients have not needed medication or used less medication than when they first came to Total Life Counseling Center in the Orlando and Winter Park area.

Up to Date Techniques!

A couple of our many helpful techniques incorporates EMDR or EFT. This technique usually in just a few sessions helps with issues like panic, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and many other things, which are usually considered time-consuming and hard to treat. This technique is used to help release memories and experiences that are “trapped” in the nervous system and some of our counselors are trained to use it. Another similar technique which helps accelerate healing with addictions, drug and alcohol addictions, trauma, anxiety and more is Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. This is based on some of meridian pressure points and can be used to treat many emotional issues. Our counselors will be more than happy to use these techniques and more to help!

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Adult Therapy, Counseling and Coaching Services in Orlando area | Our Adult Services:

Mentally Disabled
Multiple Personality Disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Post-Traumatic Stress D/O
Sexual Abuse
Sexual Addictions
Sexual Health
Sports Counseling
Substance Abuse– Substance Abuse Assessments & treatment- including adolescent substance abuse therapy. We conduct comprehensive and accurate evaluations go beyond the court requirements and in return we have a higher success rate with teen substance abuse programs. Our assessments are generated quickly to provide a client with the most appropriate treatment approach. Additionally, our assessments are utilized by the courts to determine the most appropriate level of care.
Women’s Issues

Total Life Counseling Center:

Jim West is the owner of Total Life Counseling Center. Since 2003 Jim has expanded his staff by training counselors on his relational approach to connect with clients and to handle the demands and needs of families, children, adults and teens in Central Florida. Currently we have offices in Metro Orlando including Metro West, Winter Park, East Orlando, Lake Mary and Clermont. Along with traditional therapies and techniques, Jim has always thought of creative experiential treatment approaches to reach those who might not respond to traditional therapies.

Connect quickly with our counselors

Our therapists are approachable and relational so it makes the counseling process so much easier. Additionally, our counselors are specialists and only work with mental health issues where they specialize so our clients tend to get results faster than seeing a generalist!

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Licensed Mental Health Male & Female Counselors, National Certified Counselors – College, Young Adult and Adult Experts


“Jada has a creative way of connecting with young women. She is easy to talk to, personable and “down to earth.”
“You captured all the pain and emotion of an abusive life perfectly, and your ‘recipes’ for healing and moving on are invaluable. I have many of the passages of your book highlighted and the pages marked so I can refer to them on a daily basis. Thank you so much for your help”
“I thank you for sharing your life struggles and experiences. Because of your creative coaching, I’ve found healing and will continue to turn my life around and not blame my ex-husband for the abuse nor my parents for their lack of knowledge in my up bringing.”
“She’s my angel! Before I was miserable and didn’t know why? Working with Dana has helped me understand and accept the effects of abuse. She has made me a better person and I am able to live again!”
“So many people treat sexual abuse, but Dana understands it at a level that most do not and she addresses the core issues around abuse.”
“Dana helped me figure out why I was constantly arguing with my husband and why I was unhappy in my marriage. She helped me to take responsibility in the unhealthy behaviors I was doing that was contributing to my marital issues. I now know how to deal with my emotional triggers and to communicate my feelings with my husband more effectively. I am much happier with my life in general and feel more connected to my spouse.”
Addiction – “Dana sees right through me and calls me out on my issues without judgment!”

Media Interviews and Seminars with our Adult Experts

FOX 35 Interviews our Marriage Counselor | Tips on Baby Boomer Depression | Jada Jackson
Fox 35 interviews our Family Counselor | Four Dad Tips on Connecting with Sons
Media Interviews TLC's Sexual Abuse Counselor Dana West on 4 Sexual Assault Tips
Fox 35 interviews our Family Counselor | Penn State Study on Dads Effect on Teen Self Esteem
News 13 | Our Sexual Abuse Counselor on Amanda Berry | Do Survivors Lose their Childhood
Fox 35 Interviews TLC Marriage Counselor on Facebook Ruining Marriage
Fox 35 | Addictions Counselor Facebook Posts Detect Alcohol Abuse in College Students
Our Womens Counselor on Negative Body Image Linked to Risky Sexual Behavior

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Total Life Counseling Center provides counseling, therapy, coaching, camps and career services for all of central Florida, including: Orlando, Winter Park, Maitland, College Park, Dr. Phillips, Pine Castle, Conway, Windermere, Winter Garden, Ocoee, Oviedo, Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Casselberry, Lake Mary, Sanford, Deland, De Bary, Deltona, Daytona, New Smyrna, Cocoa, Titusville, Merritt Island, Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Celebration, Mt. Dora, the Villages and the tri-cities of Tavares, Eustis and Leesburg.

Our counseling, therapy, camps, group, coaching and career services are conveniently located in:
Main Office:
Southwest Orlando FL | Metrowest, Windermere, Winter Garden, FL | 1507 S. Hiawassee Road #101, Orlando, FL 32835

Satellite Offices:
1. Winter Park, FL | Downtown Orlando, Maitland, Altamonte Springs, FL | 1850 Lee Road #215, Winter Park, FL 32789
2. East Orlando, FL | Waterford Lakes UCF
| 13013 Founders Square Dr, Orlando, FL 32828
3. Clermont, FL | Minneola Groveland, FL | 100 N. Hwy 27, Clermont, FL 34711
4. Lake Mary, FL | Longwoord, Sanford, Oviedo, Winter Springs, FL | 1325 S International Pkwy #2221, Lake Mary, FL 32746

Teen Resources:

Teens Talk – Central Florida Help Line: (407) 740-7477 or (407) 740-TALK

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Professional Memberships:

  • LMHC MH6561 – State of Florida’s Department of Health
  • NBCC – National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC)
  • AACC
  • Psychology Today Verified
  • Credentials Verified

Call for a 15 Minutes Complimentary Phone Consultation – (407) 248-0030

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