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He is doing so well! We are continuing with the diet changes and vitamins and his attitude is so much better. You were right! – kids don’t see you for very long

[because of the diet, supplements and coaching]!  We are so grateful for your help. We were in a bad place before we saw you and I am really amazed at the difference.  Ann Marie-Parent

So glad you duked it out with us. You always gave way above and beyond what I think most in your field would have. And I don’t think anyone else could have reached our teenage son as you did. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Kristi-Parent & Teacher

Jim, thank you again for giving so much of your time on Friday. The feedback I got from everyone that attended was extremely positive. I also gave a copy of your DVD to one of our teachers. Your help will make an enormous difference for Daniel both at home and at school. Name Not Given

Vitamins and Diet Changes – Alternatives to Medication

I wanted to Thank You for your suggestions in dealing with my issues. I have made many changes and I am now drug [medication] free! – Chris S, Adult with Bi-Polar

A late but very big thank you! We wanted to thank you for your counsel with Brian…. you were very encouraging and gave us some great tips the real payoff is to see a notebook loaded with paper, pen and a pencil! That system is being put to use with putting clothes away as well. It speaks volumes! The natural vitamins have helped along with good eating habits. Many blessings back to you and your family! Name Not Given

After just 3 sessions, vitamins and dietary adjustments, “We are going to celebrate a miracle on Thanksgiving. Our son colored in the most beautiful colorful turkey as if I had colored it. For the first time in years he has slept straight through in his own bed all night. He is working independently at school after repeating a year because of attention problems. But the best is, he had a starring role as the preacher in the Thanksgiving program at school. For the first time after years of watching him in programs we heard his voice sing above all others. He followed all the moves and he clearly and confidently spoke his line 3 times to the crowd. This is what we are doing today. Thank you for your help.” Kathie – Parent

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“Hope you do not mind my responding to your announcement, but I have been wanting to let you know how much you helped our son! He saw you about a year ago, after I first met you at the ACSI conference. Your suggestions were great for him, and he continues to take the supplements and last spring made the Dean’s List and he was also voted president of his senior class this year! He is now beginning the process of applying to Law School.  The supplements has also been a help to my husband who never realized he had ADD until a few years ago! We appreciate your help!” Lisa

“He has been on the supplements [about 4 weeks] and he is absolutely amazing. So calm, cooperative, pleasant. He is the most perfect sweet little child parents wish for.” Cheryl-Parent

“Thomas is doing awesome! You would be so amazed to see God’s work in progress. Thank you for . . your leadership camp have changed Tommy’s life. Parent

We were so thankful to Total Life Counseling. Over the past five years, we had seen five other counselors/psychologists with our son, but in the last 1 1/2 years our son gained skills to cope. The ADHD/Social Skills group helped our son realize that he was not alone. The parenting skills group helped us know how to anticipate problems and equipped us to handle them. Thank you Jim and Total Life Counseling – you are an answer to prayer.  Tim & Janet-Parents

Jim really speaks to the children where they are. You might expect a child to feel negatively singled out when they attend special group sessions. However, in this case, the singling out is positive. My child looks forward to attending the group and is seriously disappointed when a session has to be missed.  Barbara-Parent

Seminars & Consultations

I just wanted to thank you for your presentation Friday. The faculty was very impressed and excited about implementing many of your suggestions. We will definitely be in touch for future in-service workshops. I think the faculty would like an opportunity to role play some things, such as the AMC plan among others. There are many things they learned Friday and a few they needed to be reminded of, like catching students when they are doing good. Everyone feels better with positive reinforcement than negative. I think teachers just need a gentle reminder from time to time. – Feedback after a school staffing. Karen B @ HFC School

Thank you so much for taking time from you busy day to come and speak to us in chapel. Your talk was very well received by both the students and the parents. I have heard many positive remarks and have even had a grandfather call for your contact information. I should have gotten some of your cards. Anyway I just want to say, Good job, Jim! You are super!  Melody C – PC Academy

The students still hold each other accountable for inappropriate talk or behaviors and say does that build trust or take away trust weeks after your chapel presentation.  Teacher during an in-service

“Thank you so much for coming to Holy Family last night to present for our parents support group. As always, it was an excellent overview of the ADHD child and interventions. I had a lot of very positive feedback from parents. ”  Karen B.-Holy Family Catholic School

“I am so thrilled to actually get this program going. You know that. I have believed in it from the start. You are truly a kind caring person who lives their faith and I admire you for this and enjoyed working with you.”  Raquel S.- HD School

“My friend, a counselor, attended your seminar on ADHD last year and purchased the DVD of your presentation. I have watched the DVD and greatly appreciated the content. I think it would be extremely helpful to teachers at our mission schools overseas. I would love to be able to show the DVD in a workshop setting next month in Africa.”  Sharon H.-Wycliff