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What is an eating disorder? An eating disorder is a problem with either consuming food or keeping food in the body which is not better explained by a medical disorder.

  1. Individuals struggling with an eating disorder experience intense feelings of unhappiness about their weight. Their perception of themselves is clinically significant compared to the average person.
  2. Frequently cannot accurately judge his or her appearance.
  3. Restricts food or consumes too much in a short period of time, leading to intense feelings of guilt and anxiety.
  4. Frequently, co-existing issues such as a history of trauma, sexual assault, borderline personality disorder, and/or self-injury (self-mutilation, cutting).


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Who is Most at Risk?

Historically, most people with eating disorders tended to be women, but an increasing number of men are diagnosed each year. Those most at risk are people is weight conscious professions or hobbies including:

  1. Dance
  2. Gymnastics
  3. Cheer leading
  4. Modeling
  5. Wrestling
  6. Weight lifting
  7. Other sports where the competitors must fall into a specific weight class.

Eating disorders in men tend to be overlooked because people assume it’s a woman’s issue.

What are the different types of eating disorders?

There are 3 types of eating disorders:

  1. Anorexia
  2. Bulimia
  3. Binge Eating or Overeating

6 Signs of someone who has an Eating Disorder?


  1. Pre-occupation with food
  2. Excessive focus on weight
  3. Compulsive exercising
  4. Deterioration in relationships {due to focus on food or exercise}
  5. Significant weight loss or gain
  6. Medical problems such as Gastritis, Acid Reflux, stomach pains of an unknown cause, IBS, low iron, thinning of hair, dark circles under the eyes, and passing out or feeling faint.

What do I do if I or someone I know with symptoms of Bulimia, Anorexia Nervosa, Bing Eating or Overeating?

The highest death rate amongst those with mental illness is those with Eating Disorders.  If you are concerned about any of these symptoms in either yourself or a loved one, please seek professional help. Getting help for an eating disorder is very important.

What to Expect From Eating Disorders Outpatient Counseling?

Treatment approaches which are holistic are the most beneficial:

  1. Holistic meaning treatment approaches which are all encompassing with focus on the body-mind & spirit.
  2. Nutritionist: Your counselor will likely make recommendations for a Nutritionist who is an expert with Eating Disorders.
  3. Communication between helping professionals, i.e. primary medical practitioner, nutritionist and eating disorder specialist/therapist, is important for continuity of care.
  4. Time: Eating disorder treatment takes time so be patient and consistent with therapy.
  5. Medically Stable: Potential clients for outpatient counseling must be medically stable. If health becomes unstable, other, more intensive, treatment approaches will be considered.
  6. Frequency: Outpatient individual counseling is for medically stable clients who can thrive with a one or two appointment per week treatment schedule.

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*Note: If your loved one has progressed to the point where he or she can no longer take care of him or herself, medical intervention is necessary. If the person is unconscious or unresponsive, please call 911 immediately.