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Channel 13 News Interview Family Experience with TLC Social Skills Camps and Groups

Social Skills Ropes Course Day Camp

Social Skills Summer Camp

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Channel 13 News on How our Orlando Social Skills Camps and Groups helped a student make friends!

Orlando Saturday Day Camp – ADHD, ASD or Aspergers Social Skills Adventure Based Day Camp in Orlando, Florida

Orlando Camp – ADHD or ADD Day Camp Builds Kids & Teens Leadership and Social Skills – This adventure camp for students that may have social skills issues with their peer group or lack assertion/confidence.

Who Should Attend?

Our camps are great for students with ADHD, ADD, Aspergers, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, High Functioning Autism, or just behind socially (See 15 Social Delays List below). Camp takes place at the YMCA Camp Wewa ropes course in Apopka, Fl.

15 Symptoms or Tips to Identify Social Delays

If you can answer yes to two or more of these items about your child, he or she may benefit from learning skills that will help him or her to connect better with peers, and to more confident and prepared for the real world. Here are a few symptoms to look for:

  1. Doesn’t recognize non-verbal cues
  2. Gets in peers personal space
  3. Annoys to get attention because they do not know how to get it another way
  4. Low self confidence
  5. Poor eye contact
  6. Only interested in themselves rather than taking an interest in their peers
  7. Talks too much
  8. Lacks assertion
  9. Impulsive or blurts out responses
  10. Tries too hard to make friends laugh – thinks humor will make them friends
  11. Reacts to teasing and does not know how to roll with conflict
  12. Has a need for justice and fairness and judges peers
  13. Isolates or withdraws from peers
  14. Always wants to be first or wants to play what they want
  15. Kids do not call for play dates or to hang out!

Student Leadership Camp is a fun summer camp that helps build leadership, learning and life skills in kids and teens! This adventure camp for students in the Orlando area is for students that may have social skills issues with their peer group and/or lack assertiveness and self-confidence. This camp takes place at the YMCA Camp Wewa ropes course.

Jim West Media Interviews
Wall Climbing

Application-Day Camp Registration Packet

What to Bring:

  1. Bug Repellent & Sunscreen
  2. Swim Suit & Towel
  3. Lunch is provided
  4. Parent meeting at 2:45pm


For Students ages 6-9 & 10-14. Students will be divided by age groups at the Summer Camp.
Observe student interactions with peers and redirect them by providing tools for positive socialization.
Campers will build relationships as they work together to solve each challenge, learning to trust each other and become trustworthy.

Students will learn how to read the body language and non-verbals from a horse as well as empathy, trust, teamwork and respect.

  • Character Building
  • Leadership/Communication Skills
  • Responding to Provoking/Bullying
  • Anger Management/Conflict Resolution Coping Skills
  • Support Learn to overcome fears by facing fears
  • Reduce Depressive symptoms by building self-confidence
  • Reduce Anxiety by building learning how to face fears
Ropes Course

Students will learn how to read the body language and non-verbals from a horse as well as empathy, trust, teamwork and respect.

ROPES COURSES are “Challenge by Choice” which means we do not force kids to do something they do not want to do, but with encouragement and affirmation from their peers kids and adults push themselves to do more than they thought they would do. Ropes courses continue to gain recognition as the experiential learning accelerates insight into trust, healthy communication, friendships, and leadership. The Ropes Program utilizes various initiatives to challenge participants physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. We include both Low Elements, which are close to the ground, and High Elements, which can be up to 40 feet high.

How to Apply:

This Summer we are not offering Summer Camps and wanted to give a list of programs recommended by Additude Magazine We do not endorse any of these camps, but wanted to give you a list to research and read reviews and pick the right camp for your child or teen. We are in the process of working on a camp option for Summer of 2019 so stay tuned. Additionally, we are offering Social Skills groups year round including the Summer! So if you are local give us a call!

Get Started Now with a Home Social Skills Program with flyers and games Jim West uses in his social skills groups and camps. Read More

What others are saying? | Testimonials

Camp was uber-awesomeness… amazing fun times! Thanks for doing the camp truly one of, if not, the greatest week of my life!
He had a really great week, thank you very much to Jim and Seth and all you very special caring people.
Jim, you are an angel here on Earth doing very important work. We are lucky to have you in our lives! Read More
“Tommy (Thomas as he now prefers) is doing awesome! You would be so amazed to see God’s work in progress. Your leadership camp has changed Tommy’s life!
He really enjoyed summer camp… I heard descriptions of all the
different stations on the ropes course and which he did and didn’t do, but
in particular about the vertical wall…. and how it was the hardest and how
you “really had to work as a team to get everyone up and over the top and
how it was really hard but they did it! The best story was about his
distractible and kind of stubborn horse who would not follow directions at
first… when I asked what he did, he explained that as they got to know
each other better, he started to do what I wanted him to… but he still
kept looking over there because he has a short attention span…. when I
asked why over there? he said come here and i will show you…. well, over
there is where the donkeys and a couple of other animals were housed and his
horse was more interested in them than what he was supposed to be
doing…what a lesson for him in the car, on the way home he also shared
about some of the talks and activities they participated in, the other
boys, he considered basically all the boys in his dorm group as friends,
vs. being the kid who only wants one or two good friends and insists on
keeping a distance with all others….

“Oh my goodness, a staff person at school stopped me today to remark on how amazing the change is in Christian. Things like ‘he is so calm’, ‘he calmly walked away from someone being mean’, etc etc. He is a different kid, blah blah.

I remarked about your program to her and she said ‘woah, whatever he is doing is working!’

What a victory!!!!! Had to share!  Thanks!!!!”