Play Therapy for Children with Autism, Aspergers, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), & Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Counseling & Therapy Services in Orlando, East Orlando, Winter Park, Clermont & Lake Mary Florida, FL.

Play Therapy is a wonderful means for children to communicate and heal as most autistic children would not be able to benefit from traditional talk therapy. This form of therapy is used, among many other things, to discover the interests of the child, tap into their emotions, release irrational thoughts and fears and help the child or adolescent express their emotions through play. Play therapy also allows the child to feel more comfortable with the therapist and therefore opens doors for better communication.

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Therapy Through Imagination
Play therapy, depending on the style used, may involve games, puppets, playing with a sand tray, and more to get the child involved in his or her inner world. They may use miniature figures to tell a story, toys to defeat the imaginary evil, or something else altogether. The point is not always for the therapist to evaluate the child’s situation, although that often happens, but rather for the child to experience the emotional release and inner healing that they need during each session.

Play Therapy and Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Children with autism, PDD, ASD, or aspergers benefit greatly from this form of therapy regardless of whether they have zero, nearly zero, limited, or great verbal skills. Play therapy is so individualized that it specifically caters to each child’s needs, skill level, and interests, no matter how varied.

Why Play Therapy?
The benefits of play therapy for children with autism include working through issues in a safe environment, helping parents connect with their children, assessing a child’s sensory threshold, and evaluating other concerns as they may arise.

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