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Are you frustrated with boring presenters? Looking for Experts that also have a personality? Our TLC Professional Communicators are your answer! We have years of experience providing expert advise for Local and National Media, Seminars and Consultation for Business, Colleges, Private and Public Schools throughout Florida!

Current Seminars: Self-Improvement & Court Referrals for Central Florida:

Co-Parenting 4 Hour Classes

Learn how to Co-Parent and be amicable for the benefit of your kids. Minimize the Effects of Divorce with this Interactive class Meets Court Requirements for Divorce

Guest Speakers ADHD Bullying Defiance Defusing Parents Keynote

Seminars by James L West, MA, LMHC, NCC

Jim West is a dynamic, humorous speaker with simple solutions for seemingly complex issues! Jim is asked for advice internationally by local and national radio/tv media, private and public schools, teachers conferences, administrators, parent teacher organizations and more on many topics including Bullying, ADHD, Defusing Challenging Angry Parents, Alternatives to Medication for Mental Health Issues, and much more. See his topics below!

Expert in ADHD & Oppositional Defiance

Jim West, MA, LMHC, NCC is a nationally certified and state licensed counselor and specializes in ADHD and Oppositional Defiance. His positive approach to ADHD is refreshing and helps parents, and teachers get in the head of their students and truly empathize with their attention issues.

Jim at a Parent Seminar


Book a Seminar : Staff Development, Private & Christian Schools, Churches, Groups, Key Note Speakers, and Conferences. – (407) 248-0030

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Bullying in the Schools – 3 Tips to Resolve Child/Adolescent Conflict – (Preview or Purchase Video)

School Improvement, Character Building, School Retention, Inclusion program in 3 simple steps! Positive Bullying Program that works and does not talk much about Bullying!

Sick and tired of hearing “Sorry” over and over again?

StressLess with Bullying goes beyond “Sorry” by having the aggressor or bully “Apologize and Make it Up!” When they “Make it Up” to the victim they can come back to school or resume their privileges at home.” Making it Up often “Repairs” the relationship between the Victim and Bully!

Cut your discipline problems in half at home or school, while building character, repairing past hurts, improving your school, increasing inclusion, deepening relationships, & rehabilitate some of the scorners and scoffers

School Seminar Testimonials from Teachers and Parents

“We are having a great year with our 5th & 6th graders… I have observed several instances when teachers have helped students settle issues using the techniques learned through your workshops. The retreat at the beginning of the year was a great beginning and the whole year seems to be continuing along very well.”-Mary Anne-Assoc. Dir.-LH Preparatory School

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ADHD Resources

ADHD in the Classroom (Preview or Purchase Video)

ADHD students are entrepreneurial, inventors like Thomas Edison, visionaries, creators, scientists like Albert Einstein, professional athletes like Terry Bradshaw, CEO’s, entertainers, and more because they are full of passion. If we can help them through school and let them loose in their area of passion they will far exceed their peers.

How ADHD Students Learn

Stanford did a study that showed the learning style ofthe average person as follows: 89% Visual, 10% Auditory & 1% the remaining 3 senses. As we reflect on the teaching style in our schools we realize that the average student will struggle because the primary learning style is Auditory and then we expect an ADHD child that is primarily Visual and Tactile in their learning style to assimilate and learn.

Seminar Objective

To provide tools to empathize, provide structure, organization and positive reinforcement to set the stage for a bright and amazing future.

  • Define ADHD and symptoms
  • Behavioral approaches and accommodations for ADHD in the school
  • Treatment and Alternatives to Medication utilizing diet and supplements – 85% of Jim Wests clients do not need medication

StressLess with Alternatives to Medication for Mental Health – Food for Thought

What we eat effects how we think, energy levels, focus, mood regulation and more. Food for Thought pulls from many medical studies on how dietary changes and vitamins can improve ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD), Bipolar Disorder, Depression & Anxiety symptoms.

Presented at Orange County Convention Center, Annual Florida State Teachers Conferences, National Foster Care Conference, Pediatricians offices and to University of Central Florida Medical Clinics. Give us a call if you would like this or other presentations at your school


Healthy Sexuality – Middle School or High School Retreat – (Preview or Purchase Video)

  1. The past 60 years several research studies from Dartmouth, University of Chicago, and more have concluded those who marry without sexual experience and refrain from cohabitation have the healthiest intimate relationships.
  2. Redbook Magazine surveyed 100,000 women and their research confirmed 6 Common Characteristics of Couples Reporting the Best Sex! Oxford and a British Government survey had similar results!
  3. Testimonials
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StressLess with Bullying – Flying Students under the Bullies Radar (Preview or Purchase Video)

School Improvement, Character Building, School Retention, Inclusion program in 3 simple steps!

Does suspension or detentions repair the relationship between the bully and the victim at school or siblings at home?

Sick and tired of hearing “Sorry” over and over again?

This Program goes beyond “Sorry” by having the aggressor or bully “Apologize and Make it Up!” When they “Make it Up” to the victim they can come back to school or resume their privileges at home.” Making it Up often “Repairs” the relationship between the Victim and Bully!

Cut discipline problems in half, while building character, repairing past hurts, improving your school, increasing inclusion, deepening relationships.


StressLess with Defiant Oppositional Children & Adolescents – (Preview or Purchase Video)

Everyone knows parents struggling with Oppositional Children or Teens! 95% of students respond to our innate leadership, discipline structures and teaching abilities but Oppositional students are in the other 5%. This positive approach will helpus with the following:

  1. Learn the history of Adolescence and how it relates to the Oppositional Child
  2. Understand how an oppositional child thinks
  3. How to respond less with directives and more with choices (both choices with the same desired outcome or directive).
  4. Participants will learn practical ways to respond with questions that lead the student to the solution
  5. How to work with Oppositional Parents


“Your information is valuable for any parent, grandparent, teacher, counselor, etc. I feel as if I have found a gold mine of information. I am a long time high school teacher working on a high school counseling credential in order to work in a different capacity at the school site.”

P.S. “I thoroughly enjoyed your explanation of the emergence of “the adolescent” in history.” Diana-Newport Beach, Calif.

Jim’s Speaking Biography

Defusing Parents in the School (Preview or Purchase Video)

Learn 3 easy positive steps to defusing parents using Validation and Empathy to help them feel you understand how they feel. In most cases this will help the parent to defuse.

Then use Choices and explanations to resolve the situation.

Book a Seminar : Staff Development, Private & Christian Schools, Churches, Groups, Key Note Speakers, and Conferences. – (407) 248-0030


Seminars by Jada Jackson, MA, LMHC, NCC, Author, Image Coach, & Supermodel


Do you want to enhance your personal or professional image? Do you know how to highlight your strengths and camouflage your weaknesses? All women vary in shapes and sizes; therefore it is important to dress according to your body type. This workshop is designed especially for you! It will equip you with the tips, secrets and principles of the high fashion industry. You will learn to hide your less than perfect areas, camouflage your imperfections and dress for ultimate success! This revolutionary image curriculum will give you the tools to look your best as you learn to love and accept yourself!


This workshop is created from the principles of Jada Collins’ book BE-YOU-TIFUL: THE THREEFOLD PROCESS TO BECOMING YOU and Jill Bremer and Cyndi Maxey’s IT’S YOUR MOVE: DEALING YOURSELF THE BEST CARDS IN LIFE AND WORK. You will discover the tools of successful people and how to incorporate them into your everyday life.


This seminar presents the necessary principles needed to build or enhance your personal and professional image. By establishing an effective, individual strategy, you will identify practical solutions through eight image-development laws: Preparation, Attitude, Style, Visibility, Skill, Learning, Balance and Flexibility.


How do you know when to throw in the towel, retreat or let go? How do you know when to pull out of a bad investment or a bad relationship? This workshop will guide you through the decision-making process of identifying what’s a liability or an asset and equip you with the tools to “Just Be You!”


Where do you fit in? Are you in search of you? This seminar will challenge you to take the “Fit Test”. Women who are psychologically and emotionally challenged to fit in with the social requirements of today’s pop culture often times face loss of confidence, comparison frustrations and competitive insecurities. This presentation will empower you to face the truth and confront the pain and disappointment that produces a lifetime of fear and uncertainties. You will be challenged and encouraged to find You!


Seminars by Jamie Barrett, MA, LMHC, RPT-S, Forensic Interviewer

Reporting Abuse: When should I call? What symptoms or behaviors should I look for?

Teachers, social workers, and health care workers are all mandated reporters of child abuse. Make a call, remain anonymous, and the abuse and neglect stops. If only it were that simple. Most mandated reporters are familiar with the signs and risks of physical and sexual abuse. But, do you realize that over 60% of substantiated cases of child abuse are neglect? This includes educational, emotional, physical, and medical neglect. What’s more worrisome is that emotional abuse can be the most destructive, often has the deepest mental health damage, is the most prevalent, but yet, it is the most difficult to prove.

  1. Before you leave this seminar, you will understand:
  2. How to recognize the subtle signs and forms of child abuse and neglect.
  3. Abuse and neglect reaches across all family types: wealthy, poor, white, black
  4. The best way to approach the parents and/or family in a non-threatening manner.
  5. When a report is necessary, how to involve the family in their own healing.

Drug Proof Your Kids in the Schools & Communities

Drug and alcohol abuse is a community issue. It affects the lives of families from any faith, culture or economic status. Regardless of urban or rural living, children are not immune to the influences of a drug culture. But there is hope. It’s never too early for prevention or too late for intervention. Consider attending a Parent Program or hosting a Parent Program in your School or Church to help stop drug abuse. Make parents aware that they are the strongest force against drugs in the lives of their children. Read More

But He Comes From Such a Good Family

Just as a picture says a thousand words, so does a child’s actions. Though the divorce rate is declining, families are becoming more and more detached from each other. In today’s society, it has become almost a necessity for both parents to work full-time outside the family. As a result, children are growing up seeing their adult caregivers for less than 2 hours per day, with only 30 minutes or less of that being “quality time”. Families have forgotten how to play together, learn together, and this responsibility has been handed over to teachers and church staff. This seminar will train a parent, teacher, or caregiver how to:

  1. Recognize when difficult children are not just being difficult.
  2. Bring the parents and children/teens together as a team in working on rebellious behavior.
  3. Read just priorities within the family unit.
  4. Build lasting memories to share for a lifetime
  5. Handle a rebellious child in the classroom when the parents remain passive.

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