Seminar Testimonials

Jim’s Speaking Biography

Seminars by James L West, MA, LMHC, NCC

  • Super Presenter Great Info & Sense of Humor – Dr. Colin S
  • This guy Jim West is the Best Presenter – Ely S.
  • Presentation was very informative. This was my first Workshop, and I really enjoyed it. I plan to come back – Name Not Provided
  • Interactive presentations made it interesting, engaging, and fun – Miriam H
  • Great Speaker and presentation. He kept my attention and was very engaging – Name Not Provided
  • Great Presentation Very informative, very useful, and real life situations helpful – Name Not Provided
  • I appreciate the participant activities. Helpful in learning and broke monotony of simply teaching a lecture. Time went faster Thanks. Also, you gave good practical examples – Name Not Provided
  • Excellent Presenter. Jim Great Job Learned a lot. You must be awesome with kids – Linda R-Therapist
  • Mr. West was a great speaker and very knowledgeable! His presentation was not boring @ all He used a lot of examples – Erin M-Case Manager, HSA Substance Abuse
  • Great Workshop Jim needs to present workshop to OCPs, teachers, and staff – Marian P-Social Worker, East Learning Center
  • Jim presented a lot of material in an interesting way. I loved the parent/teacher advice – Barbara J, LCSW
  • One of the best presentations I’ve seen here – Name Not Provided
  • Jim West is a Great Speaker! I learned a lot – Name Not Provided

School Consultation Testimonials

Consultation : StressLess with Bullying in the School | Building Trust/Positive Peer Pressure in the Classroom

StressLess with Bullying in the School | Building Trust/Positive Peer Pressure in the Classroom


Testimonials from the ACSI Annual Southern California Regional Conference – ACSI is an accreditation board for private schools and 3000 teachers attend this conference in Florida each year. The tapes for this seminar were among the best selling tapes.

“Informative and ready to use in the classroom”

“Thank you for being very specific in your answers to problem solving!”

“Great help for the classroom!”

“Great info . . Mr West is a great speaker. Thank you :)”

“Hands on games with teacher strategies”

“Very grateful for the handouts!”

“Excellent . . . I wish I had attended the first session!”

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