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Does your child have trouble expressing their feelings?  Do you sense there is something wrong but your child is afraid to share their hurts?

There are many issues that present in child development. These can be a mental illness, problems at home or social challenges outside of the home.  A child may feel threatened by an abuser and may fear talking about hurts, abuse, or concerns.  Sand Tray therapy is a great way for children, teens and adults to project their feelings on the objects they choose to use in the sand tray.

A lot of times children do not know how to express what they feel and are misunderstood. Adults interpret the child’s feelings as insignificant and so the child may stuff their feelings.  Stuffing feelings cause internal pressure and my come out in aggression, depression, withdrawal, isolation, poor grades, and more.  If it gets to this point then a children’s counselor can help.

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10 Sand tray therapy facts:

  1. The most effective non-medicated method of treatment.
  2. Originally created for and has been proven most effective with children
  3. Minimal verbal expression of feelings
  4. Allows the child to feel comfortable in a familiar environment.
  5. The counselor is the witness and the child is the builder.
  6. The counselor observes the child as they build and create.
  7. If the child feels safe, then they will be able to project what their thoughts, issues, and feelings are through the world they create which leads to awareness and healing.
  8. Stories can be created about the world they create and the counselor helps the child to process what they build.
  9. This will allow the child to independently express any feeling they have with the miniatures and the sand.
  10. The therapist will become more aware of the child’s traumatic experiences and in what way it has affected them.

5 Additional Uses of Sand Tray Therapy:

  1. Social skills development
  2. Creativity and imagination
  3. Parent-Child relationships
  4. Sibling relationships
  5. Marriage- Communication between a couples

Sand tray therapy is an effective method in children’s counseling. We all have our own “growing edge” as we go through this life’s journey.  The child takes an inward journey each time they build and play in sand tray therapy.  It can benefit a child’s total mental health and well-being.

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