Hope In The Midst Of Horror For Orlando

Sunday morning June 12th, 2016, the City Beautiful was awakened with devastating and heartbreaking news. Pulse, a LGBT community nightclub in Downtown Orlando, suffered a massive inhumane attack from a young 29 year old man and American citizen named Omar Mateen who gunned down 49 people and seriously injured over 50, claiming allegiance to terrorism and ISIS. The real motive for this attack is still under investigation. Nonetheless, the immense cruelty makes us consider what a disturbed mind will lead a person to do.

Therefore, we raise the question how is human life losing its value due to personal and/or fanatic reasons, social difference and/or cultural intolerance. The deceased family members are mourning today the loss of their beloved ones due to the devastating tragedy and facing the symptoms of grief/loss.


Grieving can be painful and a long lasting process which needs time to be processed adequately by each person. Realistically, we cannot be prepared for the loss of our loved ones even in cases of terminal illness as for instance, Cancer, Alzheimer’s. In case of loss due to a tragedy like the Pulse nightclub shooting, the impact can be even more devastating because of the unpredictable and brutal nature of the event. Below are a few tips to help us through the grieving process.

Total Life Counseling Center’s President interviewed below by Canadian National News for Grief Tips 

4 Tips to Help us to Process Grief :

Look for a good support system: Being around friends, grief/loss support groups or people who can empathize with our pain and share similar feelings about our loss will help us to feel heard and understood.

Engage in a new routine: After a loss we will have the tendency to want to identify with our deceased loved one through the same routine we had with them before. But, it just increases the feelings of inadequacy and pain. Therefore, building a new routine can help us to practice healthy activities so our body can have time to rest from the grieving and to heal stronger.

Build a project in memory of the deceased loved one: A project can be effective to rebuild and give meaning to the grieving process. Once we establish a new meaning for our grief we begin to interact with the loss in a healthier way.

Look for professional help: A mental health professional can help us to find healthy ways to deal with our pain and adjusting to the loss.

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AUTHOR: Anna Vita, M.S. – Anna O. Vita, M.S. has a Master’s of Science in Counseling Psychology and is an accomplished multi-cultural Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern working with couples, teens, young adults and women empowerment issues in Orlando and East Orlando Florida!  Anna Vita can be reached at (407) 248-0030.


About the Author:

Anna takes on a deep personal vow to herself with each of her clients, and to provide them with the most honest, empathetic and genuine care. Anna is in the professional setting of Total Life Counseling and treats each client as if they are the only client. Her counseling employs an unconditional regard that is nonjudgmental and non-directive, where the therapist takes on a posture that is empathetic towards each client’s own experience. Anna utilizes the Holistic Approach as a complimentary intervention, to understand the totality of each client’s own desires, in the therapeutic setting.

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