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Orlando Career Coach and Counselor asks the following question. Has the changing economy created job security concerns for your career? More than likely career stability and choices are at the forefront of our thoughts and desires. Have you giving enough consideration to your career? Do you know the best career fit for you? Are you prepared to maximize your talents and strengths in a meaningful field? These are questions that you will need to answer to maximize your opportunity for happiness and success in your career.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics in January 2007:

  • Unemployment rate was 3.6%
  • Total labor force was 9,068, 212
  • 8,735,534 of those individuals were employed
  • 328, 678 were unemployed

In Sept 2008:

  • Total labor force of 9,326,000
  • 8,712, 836 of those individuals were gainfully employed
  • 613, 164 were unemployed which equated to a 6.6% unemployment rate

These are some of the highest rates we have seen since Dec 2001 when it was 6%. Career planning has never been more important for identifying your current strengths and weaknesses as you try to effectively re-enter the workplace after a job loss or if you are entering the workplace as a new college graduate.

Did you know that the average adult would make 4 to 6 career changes during their lifetime? This may be due to not having a clear understanding of what career may be the best fit or reductions in the work force due to economic situations.

Know your major before college and save Thousands of dollars

Do you think that the new college student will need to have a better idea of their career goals? There are countless dollars spent on students starting a course major of study and then changing that major. Are you aware of the average costs of tuition?

  • A private 4-year college is $25, 143 a year (up 5.9% from last year.)
  • A public 4-year college is $6,585 a year (up 6.4% from last year)
  • A public 4-year college out of state is $10,687 a year.

A change in majors could cost lost and increased time needed to complete a new major course of study. Did you know that a change in a major could also cost your financial aid? Some student’s financial aid or scholarships are directly tied to their field of study and when they change majors they lose their financial aid. Did you know that 2 out of 3 students would change their major at least once during their college career? A good assessment of what the individual’s career interests are become priceless.

Total Life Counseling offers full-service career counseling, so call today to make your appointment to discover if you are in the right career.


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