Orlando Self Esteem Counselor

Images of the female body are used to market everything! Toothpaste, shampoo, cola and sports cars! Beautiful women—and every body part—sell almost anything from potato chips to sport cars. Female celebrities and entertainers are becoming thinner, taller and younger. Fashion magazines are saturated with articles suggesting that if a woman can simply lose weight or enhance their physical image they can have it —a fairytale marriage, a gorgeous husband, loving children, fantastic sex, and a satisfying career. These principles are aggressively forced on women in order to profit advertisers, marketers and popular brands.

Self esteem body image concept confidence counseling coach jada collins kia malone daily buzz tv interview parent tips how to teach whenTake the 12 Question Media/Self Esteem Test!

  1. Do you compare yourself to female images in media (commercials, music videos, movies, etc)?
  2. Do you attempt to alter your personal image to mirror female entertainers, movie stars, etc?
  3. Do you use your appearance to enhance your self-esteem?
  4. Do you feel inferior in social situations?
  5. Do you have an intense need for recognition and approval?
  6. Do you have a need to be perfect?
  7. Do you have an inability to handle criticism?
  8. Are you overly critical of yourself or others?
  9. Do you constantly worry about the future?
  10. Are you unable to make decisions?
  11. Do you feel that no one loves you?
  12. Are you carrying extra baggage?

self esteem body image jada collins kia malone daily buzz orlando counselor coach therapy therapist how to teach tips parentsIf you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may need to talk to a self-esteem or image enhancement coach.

Remember, we must find strength and courage within ourselves to embrace the reality of who we really are (mind, body and spirit). If we are insecure with our bodies, we are more likely to purchase beauty products, new clothes, and diet aids that we really do not need at all! We can easily become ensnared in the cycle of spending unnecessary money to feel better about ourselves. Research indicates that exposure to media driven beauty is linked to depression, loss of self-esteem and unhealthy self-concept. So, ladies, I want to encourage you to Be-You! Because you truly are Be-You-Tiful just the way you are!

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