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Why Sensory Enrichment Therapy?

You may find that your child with Autism Spectrum Disorder is easily captivated by visual stimulation, songs, repetitive sounds, and tactile play. Although it may seem that children with ASD are highly in-tune with their senses, many may also be experiencing a secondary diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder. This can cause oversensitivity and in-turn upset children with ASD when exposed to loud noises, bright lights, and crowded areas. Sensory Enrichment Therapy uses pleasant sensory stimulation to improve the overall development of a child’s brain.

Benefits of SET

  • Increase in raw IQ
  • Decrease in common Autism Behaviors
  • Improvement in:
    • Sensory profile
    • Communication
    • Memory
    • Anxiety
    • Motor skills

Tips for Using Sensory Enrichment at Home:

  1. Throughout the day, expose your child to pleasant scents (i.e. lavender, peppermint, candy, baked goods) while also gently rubbing or caressing the back of your child with your finger tips.
  2. Set up your child’s play environment with various textures, music, and colorful artwork.
  3. Wrap your child in a warm towel after they bathe
  4. Prior to bed, play instrumental or other peaceful music until they fall asleep.
  5. Massage your child’s hands with a scented lotion

Applying Sensory Enrichment

Sensory Enrichment therapy is a simple and budget friendly way to improve all aspects of your child’s functioning. Many research studies have shown the dramatic progress children have made by soley adding SET to everyday life. This form of therapy is also beneficial for children without special needs as well.

Easy ways in incorporate SET:

  • Bake cookies with your child
  • Take your child to a floral shop
  • Inert textured floor mats in your child’s playroom
  • Create a kinetic sand box

Co-Authored by UCF Student Magali Torres


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