Orlando ADHD Counseling Expert Jim West shows sides of ADHD as a good thing

Stanford did a study that showed the learning style of the average person as follows: 89% Visual, 10% Auditory & 1% the remaining 3 senses. As we reflect on the teaching style in our schools we realize that the average student will struggle because the primary learning style is Auditory. The ADHD or ADD student learns primarily with Visual and Tactile inputs and learns very little with primarily auditory teaching. So the teachers then expect an ADHD child that is primarily Visual and Tactile in their learning style to assimilate and learn in a way they are not designed to learn. Then the ADHD student is going to get bored and then want to do something else to fill the time like talk, move around the room, and we say “disrupt the class.” However, when an ADHD student is doing a drama presentation of George Washington in class or working in the school body shop, or editing videos for the student news, they excel. Why?? Because they are engaged in visual and tactile approaches to learning. ADHD students are entrepreneurial, inventors like Thomas Edison, visionaries, creators, scientists like Albert Einstein, professional athletes like Terry Bradshaw, CEO’s, entertainers, and more because they are full of passion. If we can help them through school and let them loose in their area of passion they will far exceed their peers.

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