Orlando Family Therapist on 4 Tips to Thrive Through the Holidays

Orlando Family Therapist on 4 Tips to Thrive Through the Holidays

If you are like most people, when you see the holiday displays around Halloween, you ask yourself, is it that time already? Holidays can be met with mixed emotions, the joy of the season and the feelings of being overwhelmed. How would you like to not only survive the holidays but also actually enjoy them this year? By following the 4 practical tips below, you will be well on your way! Also, watch the Fox 35 Orlando News Interview!

1.Lower your expectations. Much of the frustration people experience from the holidays is setting their expectations too high. They expect too much from friends or family, and when they don’t get what they want, they get frustrated.

2.Take time for yourself. Be sure that no matter how busy you get, that you take time for yourself. Many people rush through the holidays with their to do list. Take a long walk, listen to some holiday music or enjoy a long bath to give yourself some much-needed relaxation time.

3.Stay out of debt. Debt steals people’s enjoyment through the holidays knowing that when the holidays are over; they still have to pay for it. Make a list ahead of time, set spending limits within your budget and remember, your PRESENCE with your family is more important than your PRESENTS.


4.Enjoy what you can. Go with an attitude of knowing that things will be what they will be. You can’t control other people or their actions. Try to embrace their uniqueness and make fun memories.


When the New Year has arrived, what will be those holiday memories? Will you be glad it is over or will you reflect on the joyous occasion?You can be proactive starting now!Happy Holidays!

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