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What is “clergy burnout”? 

Are you feeling burnt out, but do not know who you can trust?  Do you feel the needs of your church effect the time you want to spend with your own family?  You are not alone as many pastors seek private, confidential help from our counselors at TLC.  Did you know recently the Lutheran denomination required all new pastors to have 1 year of counseling before they can become pastors?  Did you know a very high percentage of pastors go into church ministry because of their own past hurts or woundedness.

Since churches began in history most pastors exhibit symptoms of “burnout.” Signs of depression, anxiety, stress, emotional distress and much more have been observed in pastors and priests more and more frequently.  Unfortunately, pastors often feel they do not have anyone they can trust for fear they will be judged by their church members for their mistakes or issues.

“Burnout” by definition, is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress.  When someone experiences “burnout”, they are experiencing a over use of adrenaline. These individuals use up a lot of energy really fast resulting in an emotional crash because of all of the used up adrenaline.

Why does clergy burnout happen?

There are many ways and reasons pastors experience “burnout”: 

  1. Pastors generally spend too much time on low-reward activities.
  2. Pastors have to do to much administration
  3. Pastors often have to deal with many distractions
  4. In many churches, pastors are given a lot of responsibilities, but very little authority.
  5. Because churches are organizations, pastors sometimes feel like they are constantly attending endless – and often meaningless – meetings.
  6. There is tremendous pressure to have a perfect family.
  7. Marital strife is common with pastors and their spouses.
  8. Pressure to be an effective parent.
  9. A pastor’s work is never done

Symptoms of  burnout:

  1. Emotional and physical exhaustion
  2. Depersonalized response toward others
  3. Reduced sense of personal accomplishment
  4. Physical fatigue that is not fixed by a good night’s sleep
  5. Muscle tension
  6. Weight loss or gain
  7. Anxiety attacks
  8. Flare up of preexisting medical conditions like hypertension or new health issues such as ulcers, migraines and gastrointestinal upset.
  9. Loss of creativity
  10. Dread of going to work
  11. Increased alcohol and drug use
  12. Escapist behavior
  13. Loss of emotional control.
  14. Feelings of inadequacy
  15. Negativity
  16. Feelings of meaninglessness
  17. A sense of entrapment at work or in relationships
  18. A desire to leave ministry or change positions.
  19. Increased marital and family conflicts
  20. Trust issues
  21. Withdrawal from family
  22. Loneliness
  23. Decreased interest in intimacy or sex with spouse

What can I expect from TLC?

Our counselors will help you deal with the stressors and repercussions of experiencing this “burnout”. They will work with you to find a solution to the problems you are facing and will help you discover new and healthy ways to deal with your symptoms.

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