What happened?  They had the Wild Card wrapped up with only one month to go and somehow they lost steam!  Today September 29, 2011 the sports world is shocked by the colossal collapse of the Boston Red Sox.  When the season began there was extreme hype because of their off-season acquisitions.  If one can remember, they began with such fanfare but also so horribly.  It took 7 games before they could get their first win.  As the season moved along they began to win, and win a lot against the rival Yankees.  But on September 28 they were rooting for these same Yankees.  Tampa Bay had been on the charge for the past view weeks and now all of Boston was hoping that the Yankees would pull out one win against the Rays.  But it did not happen.  Tampa Bay won in miraculous fashion again, and Boston lost another lead and abruptly ended their season.

So how can a team be doing so well and collapse!  The answer is not always easy, but the human factor creates many variables because emotions, sports psychology/mental toughness is involved.  Sports are not played by robots but by people who are going through everyday situations just like anyone of us.  Has your work ever been affected by a relational problem?  Have you had a baby who cannot sleep and then you go to work exhausted and it affects your performance?

"Sports Boston Red Sox Collapse"

There are many parallels to life that can be found in sports.  I think this is why we gravitate to sports so easily and also so passionately.

  1. There are winners and losers.
  2. There are heroes and those who make mistakes and become the villain and in professional sports it’s broadcast all over the world any many different forms (TV, Twitter, Newspapers, Magazines).
  3. There are extreme highs and extreme lows.

Men actually have Feelings?  

For men specifically they will outwardly express more emotion during a game, at an umpire or with a buddy than they will any other time of their week.  Sports alone should ruin the idea that men do not have emotions and feelings like women do.  Men just express it differently.

Boston is one of the toughest media markets for a player to win in, let alone collapse.  Is there now a new curse that will be created that will take 8 decades to be removed?  What are the fans and players feeling right now?

Whether you are a Red Sox fan or not everyone struggles with their performance because of how we manage or mismanage our emotions you may benefit from a few tips below.

Tips for Unexpected Experiences or Mismanaged Emotions:

Keep Important Things in Focus:

It could be really easy to get so exhausted as a fan or with life.  If you are a Boston Red Sox fan then you can focus on the World Series that you have won in the past decade.  If you are a Boston fan then you can focus on all the championships that your teams have won recently.

If you are not a Red Sox fan then you can also focus on important things in life:

  1. Right now you are able to read this.  So much of the world is still illiterate.
  2. You have health and are alive.
  3. You have people in your life who care about you.  This might be family, coworkers or friends.

Understand Your Emotions:

As a Red Sox fan it is okay to be upset today.  Anger is a normal emotion that comes with loss and painful experiences.  It is not the anger that could be the problem but what you do with it.  Verbally express your anger in a healthy way with friends or family.  If you know you are upset go for a walk or move away from the situation.  Do not take out anger or negative emotions on your family or the Red Sox players.

If you are not a fan of the Red Sox but you are going through something negative it is important for you as well to understand your emotions and response in a healthy way as well.  Maybe you lost your job or you are dealing with a relationship issue.  It is okay to be upset at the loss but make sure you do not take it out negatively on others.  Work on your resume.  Go to a place where you can sharpen your skills.  Eat healthy so your body has energy and does not make you worn down.

Spend time in Good Relationships:

If you are a Red Sox fan maybe you can get with some friends from the neighborhood and watch the 2004 World Series DVD or any past successes you have recorded.  If you are a Red Sox fan you could go with friends out to eat where there is no television so you will not be reminded of what has occurred.

If you are not a Red Sox fan maybe you can watch some old tapes of the family and remember the good times.  You can call a friend who can come over and just hang out and help you move on from the situation.  If you are having some issues connecting with your spouse you could sit and watch the video of your wedding or pull out an album to refresh what the beginning looked like.

Remember when experiences are unexpected to try to step back and look at the situation.  Remember to focus on the positives, understand your emotions, and spend time in good relationships.  If life becomes too much remember to consult a professional for help.  Sometimes issues are too difficult to handle on your own but be encouraged that there are people willing to help.  And if you are a sports fan and your team is not doing well, remember there is always next year.

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