Disney’s Frozen is all the rage ever since it came out and there are many redeeming qualities in reference to girls self esteem tips! Even my 3 year old girl is obsessed with it. She can sing all the songs and loves pretending with the dolls. The reason why it resonates with so many girls is not just the animation or the songs but also the positive messages it sends them. For girls especially those struggling with self-esteem issues here are some lessons Frozen teaches:

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5 Self-Esteem Tips Girls Learn from Frozen

  1. You Don’t Need A Man to Complete You. In the movie the handsome prince actually turns into a bad guy. This happens to many women in real relationships. Like Anna, they might first think they have found their handsome prince but later on they end up regretting the relationship. It encourages girls to be content with themselves first before looking for love.
  2. Face Your Fears. Elsa tries to lock herself away from her sister, Anna, and tries to run away when her frozen powers are discovered but in the end she has to face them. When we face our fears and allow people to truly love us we can finally learn to overcome them. True love really can thaw a frozen heart.
  3. Appreciate You Own Uniqueness. Conceal don’t feel. That is the message Elsa is taught from an early age. She is afraid of her powers as she feels they can only do harm. When she is finally able to “Let it Go,” and be herself up on the mountain we see the beauty that her powers can create. For girls who may feel like they may not be pretty enough, smart enough, or unique enough, this can help them realize that true beauty comes from the inside. Don’t isolate, don’t shut yourself off from people especially those who love you if you feel different. Know that you are special even if you are not like everyone else.
  4. Your Sisters Will Never Let You Down. So many women have been disappointed by men in their lives. For women, we know that our true sisters whether biological or not will always have our backs. This message rings clear as Anna does not hesitate to save her sister, Elsa from destruction. Rely on your sisters and girlfriends for love, support and advice when needed.
  5. Princesses Are Strong. In Frozen, neither Elsa nor Anna are damsels in distress. Anna is able to hold her own with wolves and the giant snowman and Elsa is able to fight with her ice and snow powers. This teaches girls to speak up for themselves, stand up for themselves and fight for what you believe in.

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5 Tips for Parents:

  1. Watch the movie again with your daughter and talk about the outward and inward obstacles both girls had to overcome to be together again. Ask questions about your daughter’s own fears and insecurities while pointing out their unique strengths.
  2. Seek out new opportunities for your daughter to learn a new skill. It might be skateboarding that brings them joy instead of ballet.
  3. Teach them to be brave and take chances even when things might look scary.
  4. Help her learn that it is OK to speak up and express her emotions without being labeled overly-dramatic.
  5. Remember that praise, support and affirmation goes a long way.

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