Orlando Leadership Dance Camp – Fun Experiential way to Builds Kids & Teens Leadership, Learning & Life Skills –

Who would benefit from TLC’s Social Skills Services & Dance Lessons?

  1. For students in the Orlando, Windermere, Lake Mary and Winter Park areas that may have social skills issues with their peer group or lack assertion/confidence.  See list of 15 Symptoms of Social Delays below to determine if your child may be socially delayed.
  2. Aspergers or Autistic students often exhibit robotic body movements and monotone language.  Dance and other activities that encourage cross body movements help to properly wire and open up pathways in the brain between the prefrontal lobe and the cerebellum.  Our students in the video on this page went from robotic to fluid body movements by the end of the day. Continued cross movement activities can permanently increase fluid body movements in Autistic or Aspergers students over time!

The Importance of Eye Contact

  1. 80% of Communication is Non-Verbal or Body Language. So students with poor eye contact miss 80% of communication and therefore they get considerably behind socially everyday that goes by without intervention.
  2. Dance is 100% Non-Verbal – Ballroom style dancing is all about reading your partner’s facial expressions and body movements.  Dance is one of the ultimate ways to teach students to read non-verbals or body language.  Read more below.
  3. Additionally, when students do not look their peers in the eyes the peer does not feel the student is listening and therefore may not feel important and will move on to make friends with someone else.
  4. When adults communicate without getting their students eye contact then they are only getting 20% of what you are saying.

Orlando Saturday Social Skills Dance Camp – Serving the MetroOrlando Area

Dance is a form of expression, but can also promote healing in a number of ways. Students will learn how the mind and body are interrelated and how to reduce stress.

Through the ballroom dancing and other forms of dance your student will learn:

  1. Unspoken communication/body language
  2. Emotional expression
  3. Boundaries & interacting positively with others
  4. Trust
  5. How to be a gentleman/lady
  6. How to increase self-esteem & confidence

The Dancinar will be facilitated by Jim West, a state licensed and nationally certified counselor. Jim West will work in conjunction with Total Life Counselors, and Alberto & Selena Hoyos, Founders and Directors of Life Dance International.

Who is Alberto Hoyos?

  1. Superbowl 1999 Halftime Entertainment Choreographer
  2. Fred Estaire Corporate Coach for 17 years
  3. Universal Studios & Disney World – Trains and provides Dance Teams to perform at the Orlando Parks
  4. Latino Film Festival Actor of the Year – Alberto’s wife Selena was chose for Actress of the year after presenting a 70mm Short Film without words, no subtitles, just 10 minutes of dance (non-verbals/body language).  They are currently working on a Full Length Feature Film

Alberto and his wife planned the Alberto & Selena say, “We do not teach dance to the person, we teach the person to dance.”

When: Saturdays @ 9:00AM-3:00PM

Who: Ages 6-17 – Students with:

  1. Low Self-Confidence or Self-Esteem
  2. Poor Social Skills (See Social Delays Checklist below)
  3. Poor Boundaries
  4. Aspergers
  5. Non- Verbal Learning Disorder NLD
  6. ADHD or ADD
  7. Social Anxiety

Where: Life Dance International – Call for weekly lessons – (407)-877-4454


  1. “Thank you for everything.  I thought that I was just going to learn dance.  Your classes were not only fun, they taught me that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.” …Christina…9th grade
  2. “When I started my dance lesson, I did not have much confidence in myself.  I now understand that it all comes from within.  Your were right, Life is a dance.”  …Jessica…11th grade
  3. “I was never good at sports and was always the last to be picked on a team.  It made me feel like a nobody.  Since I have been dancing, my self esteem has grown to the point that I now have more friends and fit in with a lot of kids.” …Jose…8th grade
  4. “I have always been made fun of because of being overweight.  I really kept to myself and didn’t have many friends.  After taking some swing lessons, I made more friends, lost weight and felt better about myself.”  John…10th grade

15 Symptoms or Signs of Social Delays

If you can answer yes to two or more of these items about your student they may need help to connect socially with their peers and to prepare for the real world. Here are a few symptoms to look for:

  1. Doesn’t recognize non-verbal cues
  2. Gets in peers personal space
  3. Annoys to get attention because they do not know how to get it another way
  4. Low self confidence
  5. Poor eye contact
  6. Only interested in themselves rather than taking an interest in their peers
  7. Talks too much
  8. Lacks assertion
  9. Impulsive or blurts out responses
  10. Tries too hard to make friends laugh – thinks humor will make them friends
  11. Reacts to teasing and does not know how to roll with conflict
  12. Has a need for justice & fairness and judges peers
  13. Isolates or withdraws from peers
  14. Always wants to be first or wants to play what they want
  15. Kids do not call for play dates or to hang out!

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Get Started Now with a Home Social Skills Program with flyers and games Jim West uses in his social skills groups and camps.  Read More

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