“A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn’t.”

“A man marries a woman expecting that she won’t change, and she does.”

Before I was married I had a lot of misconceptions about how males think when it comes to sex. I longed to meet a man who I would be able to develop a deep connection with emotionally. In my mind I would see endless hours of conversation about our thoughts, ideas and feelings. I would spot an attractive man and fantasize on what deep thoughts he could be thinking and wondered if he wanted to get to know me on that same level. Little did I know how different males and females can be when it comes to sexual attraction.

The truth is males and female’s sexual desires are triggered by very different elements. Here are just a few facts.

7 Differences between Males and Females Sexual Desires

1. Women are almost as visually stimulated now as men but women are still aroused by a man that listens and understands them as well as, romance and touch.

2. Traditionally, men weren’t very discriminating by what visual stimuli arouse them but both men and women are longing to find someone with character, personality (someone to bring home to mom) but yet physically attractive as well. Both men and women today are attracted to a partner who they respect and admire.

3. For men, sex and love are not naturally linked. The male sex drive is driven by hormones. Women’s sexual desire is greatly affected by relational needs and hormonal rhythms. The male sex drive continues whether love or intimacy is present.

4. Men do not easily articulate their inner most feelings but want to be appreciated and respected. Sex is often the one place a man feels connected. The women’s sex is most fulfilled by the level of communication, listening and healthy intimacy throughout the day.

5. A man’s mind easily moves from image to sexual fantasy often without an emotional connection, and women usually fantasize about an emotional connection first.

6. Traditionally up until the Industrial Revolution, societal stereotypes described that men do not possess an innate defense against sexual arousal and women were isolated at home with their children. Women were still able to be vulnerable, but with their isolation were not able to act out on their Men must develop a system of self-control over his sexual impulse and drive.

7. Men are more vulnerable than women to sexual addiction because of the way they are hardwired sexually.

Sometimes it is difficult for wives and girlfriends to understand how different their male counterparts are sexually. They develop false expectations in their relationships with men that cause many conflicts in the bedroom. With understanding and education, women and men have the potential for a healthy sexual relationship as long as they attempt to understand the differences.

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