Florida’s Center for the Advancement of Child Welfare Practice selected Evelyn Wenzel’s seminar to record at the Seminole County Child Protection Conference, October 28, 2008. The video on “The Missing Piece in Sexual Abuse Treatment: The Key to Reducing the Risk of Revictimization” will appear on their website at www.centerforchildwelfare.org. The goal of the center is to distribute accurate and relevant information to achieve practice excellence. The Center’s website makes resources constantly available to professionals who are interested in child welfare.

“The Missing Piece in Sexual Abuse Treatment” focuses on those aspects of treatment that are often not routinely addressed. There are four areas that Evelyn believes are essential to cover to reduce the rate of revictimization. Those areas include boundaries, characteristics of the offender, safety issues, and education. Abuse, regardless of the form it takes, deters and alters the normal growth and development of children and for that reason it behooves us as mental health practitioners to hone our skills.

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Author: Evelyn Wenzel, MSW, LCSW, CAP