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Are you dreading the chaos of the holidays with the cooking, entertaining, shopping, decorating, etc?  Not looking forward to the in-laws meddling in your family or talking about politics? Living a day by day routine can be difficult to manage, even when life seems to be “organized.” Stress is not always a bad thing, it can help us to resolve difficult situations. Our body saves “energy” (adrenaline, cortisol) to help us to resolve situations that needs to be resolve immediately. The hormone Adrenaline can give us motivation to achieve goals, however too much stress can cause us long term healthy problems. Stress can bring not only psychological changes but can impact our physiological functioning tremendously.

Frequent stress events can cause:

  • Chronic healthy conditions relating to anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Obesity
  • Drug abuse and more.

Cortisol is released in our body to help us to deal with the immediate situation, however the constant release of this hormone can cause our body physical alterations and inability to deal adequately with our emotions.

A healthy routine and practicing distress tolerance can help us to manage the level of stress in our body and to empower our sense of efficacy. Identifying the situations or behaviors causing us stress, and changing it with better habits is essential to decreasing stress in our lives.  Below are some helps to get you through the chaos!

6 Holiday Stress Tips you can apply to your routine:

  1. When you feel stressed try to take time and breathe deeply. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  2. Manage your time. Make a list of what tasks you have to do, then do one at time. Check them off as they are completed. This will help you manage your stress.
  3. When you feel stressed, talk about it. It will help you to release the anxiety and to be more connected to your emotions.
  4. Physical activity can help you to release tension and relax your body when you feel angry, nervous or upset.
  5. Know your limits and try to accept situations that you cannot modify.
  6. Take a one minute “vacation” trip in your mind and imagine a place where you feel safe and relaxed.

Sometimes changing our behaviors and habits is not an easy task, therefore the help of mental health professional can help you long term.

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AUTHOR: Anna Vita, M.S.  – has a Master’s of Science in Counseling Psychology and is an accomplished multi-cultural (speaks English, Espanol, Portugues) Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern (over 2000+ hours of mental health counseling experience) working with couples, teens, young adults and women empowerment issues in Orlando and East Orlando Florida!  Anna Vita can be reached at (407) 248-0030.


About the Author:

Anna takes on a deep personal vow to herself with each of her clients, and to provide them with the most honest, empathetic and genuine care. Anna is in the professional setting of Total Life Counseling and treats each client as if they are the only client. Her counseling employs an unconditional regard that is nonjudgmental and non-directive, where the therapist takes on a posture that is empathetic towards each client’s own experience. Anna utilizes the Holistic Approach as a complimentary intervention, to understand the totality of each client’s own desires, in the therapeutic setting.

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