NBC interviews Clermont Orlando Counselor on Central Florida Domestic Violence Shootings and 10 Stress Management Tips.
13 people were shot and 7 of the victims died over last weekend in Central Florida. 28 year old, Alma Menton was shot and died in Eustis in Lake County Florida, There was a triple shooting at the Harbor Apartments. There were 6 shootings in 4 counties in Central Florida. The shootings started in Brevard County where a husband shot his wife and wife boss at the Melbourne Mall and then shoots himself. The woman survived. In Osceola County a man and woman are shot at a restaurant. So many are asking why after the new year are so many people angry to the point of using a gun? NBC News interviews Orlando Family Counselor, Cynthia Wanberg, M.Ed. at Total Life Counseling Center to get answers to some of these questions.

Article author Cynthia Wanberg, M.Ed interviewed by NBC WESH 2 NEWS | Clermont Orlando Family Counselor at Total Life Counselor below 

Here are 10 Stress Management Tips:

We are human. We encounter stress in our life, however, there are ways we can choose to manage stress when it becomes overwhelming. People are impacted by stress in different ways, what works for one person may not help another. Finding what works for you is the key towards living the meaningful life you desire. Good stress motivates us for example, when there is a test to study for, a report to give, or a project to tackle. Accumulated stress can become troubling, counter-productive, when it immobilizes us, causing us to essentially fight, freeze, or run. When we notice changes in our daily habits, emotions, or in our physical body; losing sleep, poor appetite, isolation, muscle tightness, shallow breathing, headaches, stomach aches, irritability, anger, hostility, and the list goes on, too much stress can make us physically and mentally sick. Our bodies are designed, wired, to combat stress, through the release of adrenalin, however there is more we can do.

1. Play like a child, get your crayons out and color, play a board game, play with your pet, jump rope, etc. Smile! Take sometime to have fun and enjoy the inner child that is still inside of us.
2. Laughter, it helps fight stress in a number ways. A sense of humor and the ability to laugh at yourself and not to take yourself so seriously at times can help lessen the impact of stress.
3. Prayer, meditation, and relaxation are ways we can recharge our so called batteries, and can possibly provide us with another perspective. Consider taking a few deep breaths, counting to ten, squeezing and relaxing your muscles or creating a quiet time – a peaceful refuge where you can gather your thoughts and determine your next step.
4. Exercise; go for a walk, stretch, spend time outdoors doing something you enjoy by yourself or with a friend, family.
5. Spend time with positive people and replace negative thoughts of doom with positive self-talk: “I can do this,” or “One day at a time.” Meet a friend for a meal, go to a movie. Limit the amount of time you spend with stressful, and negative people in your life.
6. Listen to calm, relaxing music or read an inspirational book.
7. Engage in a hobby, join a club or organization that serves people.
8. Consider therapy, and exploring the causes and effects of stress in your life, and identifying possible solutions for managing the stressful events in you encounter.
9. Spend time with animals, visit a local zoo or animal habitat. Adopt a pet.
10. Having an attitude of gratitude, focusing on what is working well in your life and seeing the bigger picture. Sometimes it is helpful to walk away, removing yourself from the situation and revisiting the issue when feeling calmer. Consider your priorities and decide if what is stressing you out is really worth it in the long run. Learn ways to be assertive and say “no” when feeling overwhelmed.
Realizing we can’t change another person, and to keep our expectations of others in check is helpful. We can change the way we look at situations, and the stressful life events we encounter. Life is full of rich experiences, some good, and some not so good, but all can contribute to our growth in becoming a better person where we may be able to help someone in the future due to the experiences encountered and worked through in life. You don’t have to deal with overwhelming stress alone, look for resources in your community, such as the United Way or your local church, available to help, support, and guide you.

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