With the recent shootings in Downtown Orlando by Jason Rodriquez, many people find it hard to go to work without being paranoid something similar might happen to them. Many people are left wondering how they could avoid the same kind of danger. Are there ways to prevent this kind of violence in the workplace?
Not every incident of violence in the workplace can be prevented but there are some warning signs to look for if a person is mentally ill.

10 Warning Signs of Mental Instability

1. Paranoia
2. Extreme Jealousy
3. Fascination with violence
4. Depression
5. Addiction to alcohol, illegal drugs and legal drugs
6. Are extreme loners
7. Exhibit extreme mood swings
8. Emotionally unstable
9. Been violent in the past
10. Explosive anger problems

If you spot three or more of these traits in a person you might want to telling your employer or human resources department. Your employer or human resources department can interview other employees to corroborate your story and then recommend counseling for the employee through an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) or mental health counselor. The counselor could then determine if the employee should be be hospitalized under the Baker Act. The Baker Act is Florida’s involuntary treatment law. It can be enforced by judges, law enforcement officials, mental health counselors, and physicians. If you spot someone who you feel might be mentally ill you can call a mental health professional or 911 and report them so they can get help.

They would be taken to a mental health facility for an evaluation by a professional to determine if they are indeed mentally ill and could be a danger to themselves or others. Once they are evaluated and diagnosed as mentally ill, they will receive treatment and care so they don’t become a danger to themselves or others. NOTE: you can freely redistribute this resource, electronically or in print, provided you leave the authors contact information below intact.
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