“You don’t understand!” “You don’t have a clue what I am going through!”  “You don’t know what your talking about!”  If you have not heard these statements from you teenager get ready because it’s coming! However, during these transitional years, parent involvement becomes a crucial aspect of their successful high school career.

Student Fears – Greater rate of Disappointments: What if I do not make the team or cheerleading squad or band?

  • More Competitive
    • Classes
    • School work
    • Sports – More likely to not make the team
    • Extra Curricular
  • Friendships Change
  • Will I be a Late Bloomer
  • Body Image
  • Showers and Changing in the Locker Room
  • Being Bullied in School or Cyberbullying
  • Parent Pressure – Grades Count
  • Peer Pressure: Drugs, Alcohol & Sex
  • Parent’s Getting in the Way

Fox 35, Heidi Hatch, Interviews Author, Communicator, and Teen Expert Jim West

Parents Fears – Drinking and Driving, Pregnancy, Academics

  • They may not get into a good college if they don’t keep up their grades
  • Partying and will they get in a car with a drunk teenager
  • Will guys get her drunk and take advantage of their daughter
  • Their teens will not want to be around them
  • The Hooking Up Culture and STDs

How Can You Help?

  • Attend Parent – Teacher Conferences
  • Help Teenager Set up Homework Time
  • Create Reasonable Restrictions
  • Enforce Timelines and Curfews
  • Stay Involved with their Friends – Offer your Home as the Cool Hang out
  • Maintain Family Traditions and Rituals – Non-Negotiable Family Night, & Family Dinners

How can parents promote successful years in High School? Drop Out Rate is Highest for 9th Graders

  1. Pay Attention to Report Cards and get Tutoring for Student
  2. Help student plan for the future:
  • Start a Resume Now
  • Save all Announcements and Awards in a file
  • Promote Volunteer Work – Increases Social Awareness & Looks Good on Resume
  1. Have School Call your Cell when Teenager is Absent -Never Have Home Phone as the Contact – They will just Erase the Message
  2. Be Watchful for Anxiety and Depression
  3. Require Passwords for All Electronics

A parent’s role in the transition:

  1. Help them Manage their Stress
  2. Remain Approachable
  3. Bolster Social Skills
  4. Do Not Overreact
  5. Stay Involved in School

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Orlando Teen Counselor Jim West, MA, LMHC, NCC