Justin Bieber & Orlando Bloom’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr It was reported that Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber got into a scuffle at a restaurant in Spain after Bieber made a rude remark about cheating with Bloom’s ex-wife, Miranda Kerr. Distance apart and different work schedules have been cited in the media as reasons, but one may never truly know what ended their relationship. This story might spark conversation between you and your partner as to how this could have happened and why did Kerr choose “him” (Justin Bieber).

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Here are 3 Reasons Why People Cheat.

  1. Unmet Expectations. People often look to their spouses to complete themselves when in reality we need to make sure we are happy with ourselves first before we offer out heart to another person. If you are looking to your partner to help mellow you out, give you security or support your dreams this may not happen as people change, spouses lose jobs and children change everything. What is important is that you allow flexibility and healthy communication to be hallmarks of your relationship.
  2. The Relationship Becomes Unimportant. Work, children, illness, stress, travel can consume the energy it takes for a couple to stay together. According to studies, men are more likely to cheat because of unmet physical needs and women because of unmet emotional needs. It is important to have healthy boundaries for your marriage and not commit to too much, get the kids in bed early and make romance and communication a priority.
  3. People Don’t Adhere to Their Core Values. No one ever goes into a marriage thinking he or she is going to cheat. What separates people who cheat from those who don’t is often a strong sense of morals and values. This means a person will first purpose in his or her mind that even though there may be conflict, less sex and stress in their marriage, it does not give them an excuse to look elsewhere. He or she will fight for their marriage, put the other person first and let forgiveness and reconciliation be their natural first responses.

If you and your spouse have not taken the time to discuss how to keep your marriage growing in a healthy direction this might be a good time to set some goals, identify your shared values and work on resolving conflicts. This may avert what typically happens in Hollywood marriages.

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