The constant screaming at the top of his lungs was the worst. He would scream for no apparent reason as if someone was murdering him. There was nothing I could do. He was inconsolable. I tried everything, but nothing worked. What was it? The cause of my son’s incessant screaming was Sensory Processing Disorder. My husband and I participated in a myriad of therapies. We found a wonderful clinic called Life Skills where I learned about therapy for children on a horse. It’s called Hippotherapy, and a licensed Occupational Therapist, who is also trained and certified by NARHA, runs the therapy session. The only NARHA approved facility happens to be in Orlando, and it’s called Freedom Ride. What did therapy at Freedom Ride do for our son? It helped him organize his sensory input. Being able to better organize his sensory input helped him to speak. He also developed more strength, balance and coordination. Therapy on horseback isn’t for everyone, and Freedom Ride takes great care in screening potential riders. A wide variety of children and adults with disabilities are served.

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Our son has participated in therapies at Freedom Ride for four years now, and we feel very thankful the positive changes in him as a result. If you have a child who has attention issues, low muscle tone, speech or developmental delays, Hippotherapy or therapeutic riding might be a positive therapy for him or her. To find out more, please visit Freedom Ride’s web site.

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