2015 Super Bowl commercials went beyond the usual humor in Doritos and Budweiser campaigns. These commercials pulled at the heart strings of many dads across the nation that may have inspired them to be more present for their children and teens.  It appears that the commercials were tailored to the Dads and the importance of their roles.

Toyota did an amazing job with an emphasis on father-daughter relationship and reflecting on times where her father was there for emotional support and even supporting a tough decision for her to join the military and support her country!

As well as Nissan’s Dad 2015 Superbowl Commercial, which focused on the importance of a father-son relationship and a hardworking father making sacrifices to provide for this family!

The most moving of them all was the 2015 Superbowl Commercial by Dove showing Dad’s as important and there to protect their children! These commercials are refreshing, rather than bashing dads these show great dads there for their kids as they are calling out in to him in tough situations!

Research has shown that fatherhood is as important as motherhood, if not even more crucial. Over the years, motherhood has taken the lead in the care of children and often fathers are left behind. This phenomenon has brought many researchers to study reasons why fatherhood is key to a child’s development and why they matter. Research has shown that the involvement of fathers make a significant difference starting from the womb. It is heart warming and inspiring to see how companies are spending millions of dollars to bring awareness to our fathers regarding the importance of their roles and how they too matter. Here are 5 reasons why fatherhood is important:

1. Presence in Pregnancy: A study in University of South Florida revealed how infants with absent fathers during pregnancy were most likely prematurely born than those with present fathers. The study also revealed that women with absent fathers were most likely to have higher complications during pregnancy such as anemia and high blood pressure. Many fathers-to-be might feel that their presence is not important since they have no physical contact nor connection throughout the pregnancy.  According to recent studies, fathers are as important as mothers during pregnancy and the development of the baby.

2. Presence at Birth: We can recall the days where fathers would stay in the waiting room waiting to hear the news about their newborn. There has been an increase in the involvement of fathers inside the delivery room. Fathers have the ability to bring relief to the mothers during delivery. Studies report that fathers who were involved in the delivery of their child report a higher attachment to their children. In fact, hospitals are encouraging more skin to skin care between fathers and infants.

3. Presence in Toddlerhood: According to studies, fathers with minimal presence in toddlerhood had higher rates of aggressive behaviors regardless of mother’s relationship with the toddler. When a father is involved in playing with his toddler, helping care for them and spend quality time with them they reduce the likelihood for behavioral problems in early childhood and even delinquency.

4. Presence in Childhood: Fatherhood plays an important role in language development. Studies show that fathers who read to their children at 6 months predicted their expressiveness by 15 months and advanced vocabulary at age 3 regardless of the mother’s educational level. The results indicated that the father’s vocabulary introduces a wider range of vocabulary words than the mothers because mothers are more likely to use familiar words with the children.

5. Presence in Adolescence: The presence of a father during the teen years are crucial regardless of gender. Girls develop a sense of men roles in their lives based on their relationship with their fathers. Boys have fewer risks of delinquency and behavioral problems when their fathers are present in their lives. Research shows that girls reach sexual maturation earlier and teen pregnancy is higher when a father is absent. A healthy father-daughter relationship increases self-esteem, confidence and security. A healthy father-son relationship increases their awareness in the importance of their role, self-worth, confidence and manhood.

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Author: Mayeling Angelastro, MA is an Orlando Winter Park Bilingual Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern providing help to couples, families, couples, children and teenagers with offices in Winter Park and East Orlando.  (407) 248-0030