Orlando Counselor on Four Signs to Prevent Workplace Violence – Nidal Hasan

This week our country and specifically, many families have experienced tragedies as a result of workplace violence that will change their lives forever. Major Nidal Malik Hasan is alleged to have murdered 13 fellow military personnel and wounded 30 more at Fort Hood Thursday. There are reports that red flags were apparent in Major Nidal Hasan’s behavior and performance.

The day after the Fort Hood massacres, a man named Jason Rodriquez shot and killed a co-worker and wounded five others at an engineering firm in Orlando, Florida. The reoccurring questions that are being asked is if he just snapped or were there warning signs?In most workplace violence, there are common signs preceding the horrific events.


Below are four common warning signs that are often overlooked:

1.Overreaction to criticism and resistance to changes in procedures.

2.Anger that is directed at co-workers and/or the company, which seems stronger or more intense than the situation seems to call for.

3.Obsession about co-workers or company policies. This can also include repeated violations of company policies.

4.Bullying others to do things a certain way or possible threats to supervisors directly or indirectly.


These signs can be very subtle or very obvious to those around the individual. In many post-incident investigations, employees and co-workers often stated that they observed one or more of these symptoms but considered them insignificant or just “weird” behavior. Report these signs to your human resources department or employer.

If you struggle with any of these symptoms or know any one that does, there are
many resources
available to assist you or your company in preventing workplace violence. Total Life Counseling offers a monthly Eight-hour Anger Management Workshop to the community. Individuals learn how to manage their own emotions along with how to deal with difficult or disgruntled individuals in their personal or work life.


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8 Hour Anger Management Workshop

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Author: Janie Lacy