When our routine gets in our way it seems so difficult to find time for self- care. Guess what? We need to make time for it, regardless. Our life can get out of control if we are not aware and conscious of what is happening inside of us. Most of the time we automatically respond through our thoughts and behaviors without realizing how we feel or what we need. Yes, life is about achieving goals and executing our everyday responsibilities with work and family. Nonetheless, life is not only outside of us but is happening inside of us, too.  It’s vital to become aware of how we interact with oneself and to listen to our feelings and inner condition. A fast pace and distressing routine likely disturbs our physiology and also disorganizes the chemicals delivered in our body. This produces negative behavior responses such as anxiety, stress, and tension. Although our breathing is an important component to balance and to regulate the body, mind, and feelings, we forget to use our breathing effectively when we are in automatic mode. Below are some important tips for self-care:

6 Tips to Take Care of You

  1. Practice meditation– Take at least 5 minutes everyday to decelerate your thought process. Allow yourself to not think for a few minutes and concentrate exclusively on your breathing. Breathe in and out.
  2. Self check – Stop a few minutes throughout your day and ask yourself, “How am I feeling right now?” You will be surprised with how powerful it is, and you will find out more about yourself. This self-check helps to develop self-awareness and self-growth.
  3. Reserve a time to worry – Yes, even though taking time to worry sounds weird, it is a powerful way to re-discipline our mind to not waste valuable time with toxic worries. When we select a time to worry, our mind will likely become more focused on finding solutions.
  4. Self-nurture –  Taking care of your body is also taking care of your mind. Do nice things for yourself! Select a day or at least some hours out of the day that you can completely dedicate to yourself. There are so many options of self-nurturing that you can choose from. Prepare a relaxing bubble bath with calming essentials of lavender or rosemary, massage your skin with essential oils, or wear something comfortable around the house and watch a movie. Make yourself a delicious meal and take your time to taste it and to enjoy it!
  5. Physical Exercise – When we move our body, it stimulates and distributes our chemicals, which promotes a better blood and oxygen circulation into our system. Exercise helps our mood, interpersonal interaction, and balances our quality of sleep.  Running, biking, treadmill, elliptical and other cardio exercises is a time when our mind can work out worries or concerns!
  6. Talk to a mental health professional – Set the goal of having a mental health professional to better assist you with identifying negative patterns and to develop coping strategies to deal with challenging situations. It is a rewarding long term benefit as well as an amazing way of self-care.

Remember, if we try to keep ourselves in automatic mode, we build an unhealthy relationship within because we lose touch with our own personal needs. Sometimes it is not what we want to do, but what we need to do to get where we want to be.

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Author: Anna Vita, MS has her Masters Degree in Science in Counseling Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University and is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern at Total Life Counseling Center in Orlando where our child, teen, relationship and marriage experts specialize in depression & anxiety.  For more tools on self-care check out our articles or for coaching or counseling give us a call (407) 248-0030.