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StressLess with Bullying Program – Bullying Program without talking about Bullying!

  1. This retreat cuts discipline problems in half in youth groups and classrooms.
  2. Rebuild the relationships between provokers and victims
  3. Building Trust/Positive Peer Pressure
  4. Consult can be in the format of an in-service, a retreat or direct service to students in the classroom.
  5. Building Positive Peer Pressure Handouts and Handout Instructions-Available for Purchase
  6. Download the Brochure for this retreat or consultation


Click on Notes/Pictures from Students that benefited from this Consultation!

Testimonials from the ACSI Annual Southern California Regional Conference – ACSI is an accreditation board for private schools and 3000 teachers attend this conference in Florida each year. The tapes for this seminar were among the best selling tapes.

“Informative and ready to use in the classroom”

“Thank you for being very specific in your answers to problem solving!”

“Great help for the classroom!”

“Great info . . Mr West is a great speaker.  Thank you!”

“Hands on games with teacher strategies”

“Very grateful for the handouts!”

“Excellent . . . I wish I had attended the first session!”

Best Sex Tips Common Characteristics of Couples Reporting the Best SexAbstinence Program

Middle School or High School Retreat

6 Characteristics of the Best Sex!

Couples reporting the 6 Common Reasons Why They Have Great Sexual Intimacy

100,000 Women Surveyed!

Redbook Magazine Surveyed 100,000 Women for Sexual Responsiveness

Secrets to the Best Sex:

* Multiple Research Based Studies on Sexual Satisfaction have been performed over the past 70 years to reveal the Secrets to the Best Sex!

* Periodicals and Sex Talk shows talk about techniques, How to Please your Spouse, Swinging to add Spice to your Relationship, Watching Pornography to stimulate your spouse, Threesomes, but Jim West’s counseling practice sees hundreds of couples a year whose marriages are in trouble.

  1. Couples report higher incidences of affairs
  2. Feelings of betrayal or emptiness
  3. Hurtful self-image from pornography
  4. More feelings of insecurity because they can not enjoy sex together exclusively
  5. Higher incidences of divorce
  6. Sexual Addictions
  7. Emotional Intimacy or Connectedness

* Healthy relationships and knowing how to meet each others emotional needs and love language is one of the keys to Having the Best Sex!

Mixed Messages:

jersey shores 16 and pregnant mixed messages on MTV hooking up casual sex effects safesex safe birth control

United States Highest Teen Pregnancy in the World: On the show 16 and Pregnant show the consequences of “Hooking Up” and during the 16 and Pregnant show the commercials promote Jersey Shores which promotes “Hooking Up!” Even with the access to condoms, sex education, and birth control why is the United States #1 for Teen Pregnancy?

“SafeSex” is promoted on MTV’s website siting confusing information stating, “condoms prevent all Sexually Transmitted Diseases.”

* MTV’s website also sites that 1 out of 2 sexually active teen and college students have a sexually transmitted disease.

Mixed Messages Hooking Up Hook Casual Sex Friends with benefits MTV Desperate Housewives Hills 90210 Gossip Girl

* MTV’s information is confusing because other organizations report that condoms only stop half of the sexually transmitted diseases. These sites also indicate it reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

* However, the Medical Institute for Sexual Health’s board chairman, Dr. Tom Fitch, said some STDs are much more easily spread than others such as herpes and human papilloma virus, or HPV, can be transmitted by contact with skin not covered by a condom (FDA, Center for Disease Control reports the same).

MTV Teen Choice awards: Gossip Girl, 90210, Desperate Housewives and other’s show relationships or casual sex relationships.  MTV viewers watching the consequences of casual sex with the “16 and Pregnant,” will see commercials for shows like “The Hills and “Jersey Shores.”

Top Counseling Referral for Female Students: Below learn about how at college campuses all across America one of the top reasons female students go to counseling is because of “the after effects of hooking up.”

* Romance: So many teens and college students are looking for Real Relationships, Romance, Dating!

* The Hook Up Mentality Video will help show research on the effects of Hooking Up and Healthy Sexuality.

Research from Dartmouth University, Oxford, University of Chicago, and other well respected research institutions reveal 6 Characteristics of Couples Reporting the most Sexual Satisfaction!

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Retreat Venue Options:

Social Skills Services Day Camp Saturday Counseling Zip Line Therapy Therapist Counselor Orlando Central Florida Winter ParkSchool or Youth Group venues may include the following based upon budget and needs!

  1. Disney
  2. Universal Studio
  3. Ropes Course
  4. FunSpot
  5. Camps
  6. Retreat Centers

Call us for more information or to Book a Retreat – (407) 248-0030