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Parent Teacher Solutions for ODD

This series will teach you the four T’s to avoid, and how to regain control of your home!

Avoid triggers, temporary insanity, the wrong tone, and making threats. You can learn how to face your angry, stubborn, and defiant child without being defeated or losing your cool. Are you ready?

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I know you’ll be so impacted by my StressLess with ODD series that I’m giving you the first 3 videos in the series completely complimentary.

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FACT: 66% of People With Defiance Have Undiagnosed ADHD

If your child expresses 3 or more of these behaviors, this program is definitely for you!

  • Loses temper several times throughout the day
  • Often argues with adults
  • Actively defies requests
  • refuses to follow rules
  • Deliberately annoys others
  • Lacks accountability for actions
  • hot tempered or annoyed easily
  • Often expresses resentment, spite, vindictiveness or anger
  • When upset, speaks very harshly
  • Often seeks revenge
  • Frequently has temper tantrums

Bonus Tip:

Because ADHD is often linked to defiance, consider looking at our ADHD material as well. This humorous and positive approach is refreshing for teachers and parents as I speak about the positives of ADHD.

Parent Teacher Solutions for ADHD

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WHAT IS StressLess with Defiance? As an ADHD expert I have come across a high percentage of ADHD students that were either never diagnosed or they were diagnosed ADHD, but not successfully treated. As a result, a high percentage of the ADHD students develop Oppositional Defiant Disorder. This series is a parenting video resource with tips to deal with an oppositional defiant stubborn child or teens. This program is designed to help parents get control of their home with a few simple quick steps.

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What’s Included:

  • History of Adolescence
  • Parents on Different Pages Breeds ODD
  • Symptoms of ODD
  • Common Avoidable Mistakes Parents Make
  • Oppositional No No’s and Triggers
  • What untreated ODD can lead to
  • Quick Tips to Handle the ODD Student
  • Making Commands Effective
  • Motivators – Rewards and Consequences
  • Managing Students in Public
  • Effective Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Diffusing the Angry Oppositional Student
  • 3 Step Positive Conflict Resolution Plan
  • Repairing strained relationships


What others have said about Jim’s approach to Oppositional Defiant Students

“We are so grateful for your help. We were in a bad place before we saw you and I am really amazed at the difference.”

Anne Marie


“So glad you duked it out with us. You always gave way above and beyond what I think most in your field would have. And I don’t think anyone else could have reached our teenage son as you did. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.”


Parent & Teacher

“Your information is valuable for any parent, grandparent, teacher, counselor, etc. I feel as if I have found a gold mine of information. I am a long time high school teacher working on a high school counseling credential in order to work in a different capacity at the school site.” “I thoroughly enjoyed your explanation of the emergence of “the adolescent” in history.”

Diana-Newport Beach, Calif

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Why Jim West Specializes in Oppositional Defiant Disorder

“I know first-hand how difficult ADHD can be. My father had ADHD, and though he became a millionaire, he also lost it all after 4 marriages. Before he passed away, he ended up living with his mother. My brother also had ADHD. The difference? My mother helped him use his ADHD as an advantage. Today he is an organized leader and a great family man. I’d like to help your child or teen have a good future and avoid the difficulties my father experienced!”

–Jim West

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