Orlando Marriage & Family Counselor, Oppositional Defiance & ADHD Therapist, Bilingual, Child, Adolescent and Relationship, Licensed Mental Health Counselor


Anthony’s sincere love for students and families comes out in his amazing ability to connect almost immediately. Parents faces light up as they see him connect with their students. This connection is so important for counselors to earn influence with students and bring about healing. He greets everyone with a great smile and clients find him so approachable and real. Anthony enjoys working with individuals and couples to help them attain their goals. He is motivated to work with struggling couples in order to enhance communication and ultimately satisfaction in the relationship. He also works with those who may be struggling with or who have gone through divorce. He assists those individuals that have gone through divorce to stabilize their lives socially and professionally.

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Community Involvement:

Anthony has been a volunteer counselor in his church assisting with relationship problems, addictive behaviors, depression, and anxiety. He has a heart for working with young children and adolescents. Anthony enjoys the enthusiasm that they bring into the therapeutic arena and helping them with life’s everyday struggles. He has focused on the development of children and adolescents through various volunteer opportunities at day and weeklong adventure based leadership camps with Total Life Counseling Center.

Anthony Gutierrez, MS Connects with children, teens and young adults with recreation, sports, psychology, humor, and specializes in ADHD, and Oppositional Behavior in Orlando, Central Florida Area

  1. XBOX Video Games & Popcorn
  2. He’s an Amateur Golfer and coaches sports for his kids
  3. Anthony uses Humor at our Day and Summer Camps as well as individual and family sessions to put students at ease.
  4. He can meet students for lunch or dinner, go to Starbucks, Planet Smoothie, a driving range, play basketball, throw a football or baseball or most anything to connect with students.
  5. Ropes Course, climbing wall and team building games for Day Camps, and Summer Camps


  1. “Extremely wonderful to work with.  Treated me very well” – Client
  2. “I have been to 20 sports psychology experts in the area and this was the most meaningful session by far.” — Pro Golfer


Anthony enjoys playing with his kids, coaching their games, playing the drums, basketball, and golfing in amateur tournaments in the Central Florida area.

Specialized Relationship Counseling in Orlando, Metro West and Winter Park Florida:

  1. ADHD/ADD Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder
  2. Oppositional Defiance Disorder – For Parents of Children or Teens of an ungovernable child.
  3. Marriage and Relationship Counseling
  4. Divorce Counseling and Care
  5. Adolescent
  6. Child Counseling
  7. Multi-Cultural and Hispanic Counseling
  8. Sexual Addictions
  9. Anger Management
  10. Depression & Anxiety
  11. Adventure Based Counseling-Leadership Camps
  12. Sports-Recreation Counseling & Sports Psychology
  13. Spanish (Espanol) Bilingual Counselor

professional experience counseling therapy therapist counselor east orlando clermont central floridaEducation: Anthony received his Masters in Counseling Psychology through Palm Beach Atlantic University. Anthony also has his Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Additional Experience: Anthony has worked in business, operations, customer service, sales marketing, and market strategy implementations for 13 years. Anthony has worked within his field of expertise in various business management roles including training, staffing, systems implementation, and strategic execution. These efforts and skills have aided his ability to be sensitive to the needs of families and students in providing excellent service and customer satisfaction.

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Professional Memberships:

  • CAPS-Christian Association of Psychological Studies
  • AMHCA-American Mental Health Counselors Association
  • CFCCC-Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce